What to do after your colonic:

Since the colon has been cleared of solid matter, it may take one or 2 days before it fills up again and normal bowel movements are resumed. Some water is absorbed through the colon wall during a colonic, and one may notice and increased need to urinate for a few hours afterwards. The beneficial effect of flushing the kidneys may also be enhanced by drinking a few glasses of water with the juice of half a lemon added to each glass.

A colonic can have a major cleansing effect on the body and many people feel so good afterwards that they want to double their jogging or workout out time or even clean the house from top to toe! Caution is advised here, as you can over do things. Although light to moderate exercise is good if you are used to it, any strenuous activity should be avoided 12-24 hours after your treatment.

If a condition such as irritable bowel or constipation has existed for a while then tiredness maybe experienced for a couple of days after your first colonic. In extreme cases you may feel ‘a healing crisis’ which is similar to flu like symptoms or you may have a headache. In some cases if you suffer from skin conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis you may have a flare up, but this will subside .This can happen with any holistic treatment and can last around 48 hours.

If you feel particularly bloated or windy this will subside over approximately 12-24 hours, and is very natural as toxins are being released. A warm bath or cup of peppermint tea, or hot water or a hot water bottle on your tummy will ease any discomfort.

If you have haemorrhoids they may bleed a little, as long as it is fresh red blood and only a small amount that is fine. Any worries contact your GP.

Sometimes you may experience continued clear out (continual bowel movements) this is when the body is having an extremely good clearout of toxins, this does not happen often and it does tend to occur after the 2nd colonic.

A light diet of fruit, vegetables, salads, soups and chicken or fish should be followed for 2 or 3 days, taking care to avoid anything that causes gas. Avoid drinks with gas, natural or added. Rich or heavy foods, flour products, spices and alcohol should also be omitted.

Although colonic hydrotherapy does not remove all of the intestinal bacteria, it is still helpful to take probiotic’s to maintain bacterial balance. Natural yogurt with acidophilus (without artificial sweeteners) is advised because it is an active cleanser that also adds vital forces to the colon.

Deposits build up in a lifetime and cannot be removed in one treatment, we recommend between 2 and 3 colonics initially depending on your bowel condition. Thereafter it is very much down to the individual .

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