Facial Mesotherapy

  • 1 area of the body

Price: £90 - Duration: 30mins

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What can Facial Mesotherapy treat?

  • Helps to fight natural sagging and ageing of skin by toning and tightening.
  • Helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles, and leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and toned. 
  • Restructures mature skin, leaving it firmer.
  • Great results for post trauma skin imperfections

What are the benefits to Facial Mesotherapy?

What is Facial Mesotherapy?

The Facial Mesotherapy process involves using micro-injections to apply natural mesotherapy ingredients which are already found in the skin (hyaluronic acid plus nutrients, vitamins and minerals) into the epidermis layer (middle layer) of the skin where the rejuvenation takes place. It is essentially hydrating the skin from the inside out, giving longer lasting effects than regular topical treatments.

This treatment is created on a case by case basis and is most effective when used in a package of several treatments.

What can I expect from a Facial Mesotherapy treatment?

I start by thoroughly cleansing your skin similar to a normal facial treatment.

I will then administer tiny micro injections to the area you have specified to apply the active ingredients directly into your skin.

The procedure is almost pain free, however some patients feel a slight discomfort during the procedure, depending on how they normally react to pain. If you do experience this, I can apply a topical numbing cream to reduce the pain.

I will advise of post-treatment after care to continue once leaving the clinic.

What can I expect after a Facial Mesotherapy Treatment?

You skin may appear red and slightly swollen after treatment, but this should go away after a few hours.

After the process is complete, your skin will be very sun-sensitive for a few days, so I don’t advise doing it just before a holiday.

I would suggest not using make up on the skin or products such as fake tan which may irritate it. I would also avoid hot baths/showers for 24 hours afterwards.

If you take a blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, you will probably find small bruises to the skin, otherwise there will be no visible marks.

When will I see results from Facial Mesotherapy?

You should notice the effects of smoother and rejuvenated skin immediately and these results will increase over the coming days. I recommend a course of 3+ treatments to get the best results.

Please feel free to call or email if you would like to check your suitability before your treatment.