Colonic Hydrotherapy + Probiotic Implants

28 billion live bacteria are syringed into a clean bowel via a small catheter; this treatment is beneficial for yeast related problems.

Price: £95 - Duration: 75mins

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Aim of the live probiotic treatment:

To implant the gut with billions of live probiotic bacteria containing beneficial bacteria. It’s employed after or during a course of antibiotics which often in their quest to kill the bacteria causing the illness destroys the guts beneficial bacteria at the same time, leaving the patient vulnerable to other ailments such as Candida Albicans, conjunctivitis or urinary tract infections.

What happens during the live probiotic treatment:

  • To be most effective a live probiotic treatment will follow colon hydrotherapy.
  • With a blanket or towel to preserve modesty, a catheter will be gently inserted into the patient’s colon.
  • The live probiotic treatment will be inserted into the colon in a matter of seconds. The treatment is now complete.

Benefits of live probiotic implants:

The colon live probiotic treatment will replenish the gut with billions of healthy friendly bacteria. These new bacteria will replace any that have been killed inadvertently during courses of anti-biotics.This process will help speed up the recovery time.

Ingredients of Probiotic Implant

Active Ingredients :

BifidoBacterium Bifidum

BifidoBacterium Longum

LactoBacillus Acidophilus

LactoBacillus Casei