Gut Diagnostics - Stool Test

Prices vary for our stool sampling. We offer a great range of discounts if you order more than one test. Click below for a full list of prices, and get in touch to book!

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What can you test for using a Stool Sample?


When you have a stool sample, you can test for bacteria, viruses and parasites and also check for problems with digestive enzymes if you’re having digestive problems. The tests also show an analysis of the digestive flora, including it’s health, which bacteria are present (good and bad) and markers showing the health of your immune system, as well as many other results.

These are vital for me as your therapist, as they ensure that I tailor your treatment exactly to the state of your digestive system and put in place an effective treatment plan to get the best outcome for you.

Choosing a Test

There are many different tests that can be ordered depending on the symptoms that you’re feeling.

The key to successful stool testing is simple:

  1. Choose as many test parameters as necessary, but as few as possible to help manage your finances – there’s no point in spending money unnecessarily!
  2. Uncover the underlying cause to your symptoms.
  3. Target the problem with a specific and effective treatment plan.

Click to Download “How to Choose an Appropriate Stool Test”

The table below shows the variety of symptoms and the stool tests we’ll consider:

A selection of possible Symptoms Stool test(s) to consider
Anal itching Mycology, Test for pinworms
Atopic eczema Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, leaky gut, sIgA
Atopic problems (asthma, hayfever, rhinitis) Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, leaky gut, sIgA
Bad breath Mycology with mouth swab, Helicobacter pylori
Blood in stool Intestinal bleeding, M2-PK tumour marker
Cancer: suspicion of intestinal cancer Tumour-M2-PK, intestinal bleeding
Candida symptoms Mycology: Screening the stool for all yeasts and moulds, mouth swab and stool pH.
Candida symptoms: recurring Mycology, sIgA, leaky gut
Candida: systemic Blood test
Celiac disease, suspected Anti-transglutaminsase-sIgA
Crohn’s disease Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, PMNelastase, leaky gut, Tumour-M2-PK, intestinal bleeding
Damp living conditions Mycology
Diarrhoea, chronic Pathogenic bacteria, mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, PMN-elastase, leaky gut, Tumour-M2-PK, intestinal bleeding
Food intolerance Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, leaky gut, sIgA
Gastritis Helicobacter pylori, Tumour-M2-PK, intestinal bleeding
Hair: Changes of hair and scalp Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, leaky gut, sIgA
Heartburn Helicobacter pylori, mycology
IBS Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, sIgA, leaky gut
Infections: frequently occurring Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation, sIgA, leaky gut
Itching: general Mycology, leaky gut
Leaky gut syndrome Mycology, sIgA, leaky gut
Mouth: changed mucous tissue Mycology with mouth swab
Pancreas problems Pancreas elastase-1
Parasites Intestinal parasites
Psoriasis Mycology, Test for pinworms
Rash Mycology, leaky gut, Helicobacter pylori
Respiratory tract problems, unclear cause Mycology or complete status of intestinal colonisation and pathogenic bacteria of sputum
Skin: suspected fungal infection Test for fungi of skin, hair or nails (special specimen required)
Tongue, burning Mycology, Helicobacter pylori
Ulcerative colitis PMN-elastase, leaky gut, sIgA, Tumour-M2-PK, intestinal bleeding, mycology
Vaginalitching/ Peri-vaginal itching Test for pinworms. Vaginal itching for example in young girls may be caused by pinworms

How Does It Work?

In order to get the best out of this service an Initial Consultation is required, which you can book online here –  During the consultation, we will talk about any symptoms you may be having and identify which tests I would recommend you have.

You will then receive the testing kit through the post to your home and you follow the simple instructions to carry out testing there. Once complete, you take your testing kit to the post office and send back in the prepaid envelop provided.

Approximately two weeks later (the lab is in Germany so it can’t be done any sooner…there is not an express option!), you will receive the results through the post with recommendations and advice for your next steps.

You will then need to book a follow-up consultation online here – – to go through the results together (some tests will come back with result-specific therapy plans that include diet, supplement and hygiene recommendations), we will discuss the results mean and identify the best treatment for you.