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Coffee enemas and probiotic implants supercharge your colonic treatment and are the ultimate care package for your gut.

Coffee Enemas & Probiotic Implants

These two treatments supercharge your colonic, the coffee enema is the ultimate detox for your liver, particular good at those times during the year that we are likely to over indulge. Probiotics Implants are wonderful to have after a course of antibiotics to re-balence the gut microbiome.

Complete Health Clinic is the pinnacle of wellness, where age does not dictate ability. Scientifically, Complete Health is the optimal metabolic function, the state in which all body systems are performing efficiently, which gives you the energy to see more, do more, and be more, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Recent scientific discoveries have uncovered a fascinating ecosystem within each of us called the microbiome. This complex network of bacteria, fungi, and microflora reside primarily in the gut and impacts the health of virtually every system in the human body.

Gut flora has been linked to virtually every process in our body. Imbalances have been implicated in countless health issues, some being the deepest chronic health issues of our time like autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, obesity, diabetes, asthma, autism, arthritis, rheumatism, cancer.

Inflammation also starts in the glorious gut. Heart disease, liver issues, joint pain, hormonal imbalances and obesity are all different ways we can experience inflammation. The treatments below help to keep the gut in balance. 

Treatments to heal the gut
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Coffee Enemas

All your questions answered.


Probiotic Implants

Super Charge your colonic treatment.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy + Nutritional Advice

  • 60 min duration
  • Less bloating
  • Increased energy
  • Removes waste & toxins

Price : £75

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Colonic Hydrotherapy Course + Nutritional Advice

  • Coffee Enema and Probiotic Implant available as an added extra
  • All 3 treatments to be used within 8 weeks T’s & C’s apply

Price : £195


Colonic Hydrotherapy + Coffee Enema and/or Probiotic Implants

  • Colonic Hydrotherapy, with a Coffee Enema or a Probiotic Implant

Price : £85 – Coffee Enema

Price: £95 Probiotic Implants

What is a coffee enema?

There are many factors that can negatively affect the gut, many of which are unavoidable or difficult to deal with in modern life. These various toxins include:

  • stress
  • antibiotics
  • long term physical and/ or mental illness
  • other medications
  • operations that require anaesthetic
  • hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause or contraception
  • poor diet
  • overconsumption of toxins like alcohol, caffeine and sugar
  • environmental factors

A coffee enema is the insertion of organic ground coffee into the colon after a colonic hydrotherapy treatment, helping to cleanse the liver of toxins. These toxins occur from the normal metabolisms of food as well as the carcinogenic toxins from our polluted environment, drugs, food and water pollutants such as pesticides, preservatives, hormones, excreted prescription drugs and fluoride.

How does the Coffee Enema treatment work?

Colon coffee treatment mainly aims to cleanse the colon and detox the liver. The coffee enema/treatment stimulates the liver to produce more bile; the coffee contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine which promote the relaxation of smooth muscle causing dilation of the bile ducts and blood vessels. The bile from the gall bladder draws out environmental, metabolic toxins, Candida Albicans and other parasitic-like organisms.

What happens during the colon coffee treatment?
  • To be most effective a coffee enema will follow a colonic hydrotherapy treatment.
  • Up to 500ml of warm organic Gersons ground coffee is inserted into the colon.
  • The client relaxes for 15 minutes whilst the treatment works.
  • After 15 minutes the coffee antioxidant is absorbed by the colon.
Benefits of colon coffee treatment:
  • Cleanse the blood and clear the liver of toxins to improve its many metabolic functions
  • Boost the immune system & cell energy production and repair
  • Remove accumulated toxins associated with general nervous tension, confusion, depression, allergy-related symptoms and severe pain.
  • Antioxidant effects of clearer skin and eyes
  • A stimulating effect on bowel function
Afer Effects

Sometimes, due to lessening of the blood toxic load, an increase in energy may occur, and some people may feel slightly jittery, although most find the enemas relaxing.

What coffee do you use?

When you roast coffee for drinking it cracks like popcorn.  The moisture in the coffee bean is heated to a point where it turns to steam and cracks the coffee bean.  When this happens a lot of the desirable chemicals in coffee for detoxing is steamed away.  Roast the drinking coffee still darker, like a French roast, and it will crack a second time, thus losing even more caffeine and palmitic acid (more to come on these).  This is why scientifically, but counter-intuitively, the darker the drinking coffee the less caffeine it contains.

So for detoxing you want a coffee that is lightly roasted and not allowed to crack.  This preserves the caffeine and palmitic acid inherent in the coffee bean.  By the way, you can drink this coffee but it tastes nothing like coffee.

Aid a coffee enema with NUTRITION.

The detoxing process and colonic nature of the enema itself pulls bad toxins out of the body, but can also pull out some good nutrients.  So anyone on a detox program really needs to pay extra attention to nourishing themselves i.e. probiotics, and not feeding themselves ‘full’, but instead giving themselves nutrient dense foods i.e. super greens and alkaline foods. Just thought I should mention that!

So that is often why people choose to have a coffee enema as part of their detox program, especially after a particular time of over indulging! Your liver is an important part of the digestive system and since having handled and seen one, let me tell you that it’s a big piece of anatomy, so worth looking after!

What is a Probiotic Implant?

To implant the gut with billions of live probiotic bacteria containing beneficial bacteria. It’s employed after or during a course of antibiotics which often in their quest to kill the bacteria causing the illness destroys the guts beneficial bacteria at the same time, leaving the patient vulnerable to other ailments such as Candida Albicans, conjunctivitis or urinary tract infections.

What happens during the live probiotic treatment:
  • To be most effective a live probiotic treatment will follow colon hydrotherapy.
  • With a blanket or towel to preserve modesty, a catheter will be gently inserted into the patient’s colon.
  • The live probiotic treatment will be inserted into the colon in a matter of seconds. The treatment is now complete.
Benefits of live probiotic implants:

The colon live probiotic treatment will replenish the gut with billions of healthy friendly bacteria. These new bacteria will replace any that have been killed inadvertently during courses of anti-biotics. This process will help speed up the recovery time.

Ingredients of Probiotic Implant

Active Ingredients :

BifidoBacterium Bifidum

BifidoBacterium Longum

LactoBacillus Acidophilus

LactoBacillus Casei

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