Colonic Hydrotherapy

An extended and more complete form of an enema as well as a method of removing waste from the large intestine without using drugs.

Price: £75 - Duration: 60mins

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Is this you?


Are you stressed, rushing around all day, no time for proper nutritious meals, just picking at snacks to keep you going, thinking of others before yourself (making dinner for family but not eating yourself)? Noticed symptoms of IBS or similar but kept avoiding dealing with it, because you’re just too busy! Well it’s time to stop – if you go down, who’s going to keep the ship afloat?

Are you a young professional woman or perhaps menopausal, dealing with a multitude of stresses, fast paced lifestyle, bad diet always eating convenient food, possibly had a past eating disorder and now you are either finding you just either struggle going to the toilet or have developed issues related to this problem, in some cases more serious health issues?? You now you need to do something to get your health back on track and put you as the priority instead of your job.

Are you male, possibly a business man, or a young sports guy, fitness freak, even a more mature man that wants to look after your health now?? Builder to barrister, pornstar to gangster – I see them all in my clinic and they all want the same outcome – to feel better. I say to them all – there’s nothing taboo about poo and that hits the nail on the head. Don’t be embarrassed – over 40% of my clients are male. Join the club.

You’ve come to the right place. I know what you’re thinking – you’ve reached a turning point in your life where you’ve decided you really need to look after yourself, you’re seeing other people with ill health and realising you’re not immortal either and need to change something.


What happens when you arrive at the hotel?

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

A colonic hydrotherapy treatment is an internal bath. It rehydrates a constipated bowel, removes excess gas and most importantly withdraws the toxins. So think of your bowel going to the gym and giving it a good workout; it is the ultimate DETOX! Essentially, it is a more complete form of an enema as well as a method of removing waste from the large intestine without using drugs. Find out more information about what it is and how it is done.

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Why have Colonic Hydrotherapy?

People choose Colonic Hydrotherapy (also referred to as Colonic Irrigation, Colonic or colon cleansing) for many different reasons.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects one in three people; symptoms include a bloated feeling, constipation, gas/wind and diarrhoea.
  • A history of bowel disease in the family.
  • Skin problems – I have seen some amazing results when we have established a regular healthy bowel habit. The skin is the largest organ of the body and when the body is overloaded with toxins it will manifest itself in many ways: a spotty or dull complexion and back-acne can all benefit from the treatment.
  • Fatigue – feeling sluggish and lethargic, perhaps experiencing sleep problems.
  • Bad Breath – this can actually stem from problems with your bowel and can see great improvements after treatments.

Lesser known benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

  • Eczema and Psoriasis can also show improvement.
  • Bad breath and a sour tasting mouth can be one of the side effects of constipation which can be relieved by colonics.
  • Crohns disease, Colitis or just busy stressful lives all have an impact on the bowel. Improvement after colonics can be immediate or sometimes quite subtle but improvement in energy levels is felt.
  • Better quality of sleep and an inside feeling of lightness and cleanliness is felt.