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Aged 50, Company Director

I experienced my first Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment at the Complete Health Clinic last month. I instantly felt at ease with Helen and realised very quickly why she is so deserving of all of the positive feedback and excellent ratings that she has been credited with. A genuinely lovely person who effortlessly manages to achieve the perfect balance of warmth, humour and professionalism. Very much looking forward to booking a follow-up treatment for the beginning of July. I would, without hesitation, recommend the Complete Health Clinic to anyone considering having this treatment.


Dear Helen, I hope my email finds you in good health.

Thank you so, so much for this very informative & one of the most amazing experience. I was frightened at the beginning even though I did so much research beforehand. Your lovely and warm personality really helped a lot with the whole process. This is such an intimate thing like you don’t really share even with your husband! It was a very delightful experience. And my tummy has been relieved a lot. Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you after 4 weeks time!


Business Consultant

I have to say I was a little sceptical (to say the least) at the thought of having colonic hydrotherapy, my perception of the whole process came from the dark ages I think !  However, I had come to know Helen very well and thought that if I was going to take the plunge (excuse the pun) I would rather feel comfortable and do it in a relaxed environment.

Helen has a fantastically magnetic persona and from the minute I walked through the door I felt at ease, from the initial consultation, through to the explanation of what was happening in my body and how this could affect a multitude of symptoms I may be experiencing was totally thorough.  I left with bespoke dietary advice and knew that Helen would be on hand to answer any questions or problems I had.

I would certainly recommend Helen to anyone who needed advice not only on colonic hydrotherapy but on nutrition, complementary therapy and massage therapy.



I wanted to contact you and let you know how very much I enjoyed meeting you yesterday.

Firstly I must thank you for making me feel so very much at ease. The subject of colonic irrigation is really quite a conversation killer and almost a taboo subject. Talking about one’s bowel habits to anyone is super embarrassing, let alone a complete stranger, however, you made me feel totally and utterly at ease the moment you introduced yourself. You explained clearly what was going to happen, that it would not hurt or smell and was a totally painless procedure.

The environment was warm and relaxing and goodness knows what we talked about but never has the time gone by so fast.

I am now a total supporter of yours and the procedure and I will recommend you and happily talk about you and the procedure and the benefits of it to absolutely everybody I can.

Thank you once again I can not recommend you enough.


Aged 23, Forensic Student

I have suffered from stomach issues for around 8 years. It has made my life very difficult, to say the least. I have tried to find the cause through various doctors and consistently tried various supplements and methods to make myself feel better. Nothing worked for me.

I came to Helen for my first colonic and was hopeful it would make me feel better. After the consultation Helen recommended I was put in for some tests to see if there was a bacterial imbalance in my stomach.

The results came back yesterday after only a few weeks and I now have evidence in my hands that I have Leaky Gut Syndrome with Dysbiosis. I am so, so grateful that I got the help i needed after so long of unknown pain and discomfort.

I am looking forward to feeling better!
I couldn’t thank Helen enough for her help and support!


Aged 23, Video Game Restorer/Processor

I’ve been suffering from IBS for a couple of years now and none of the medications I’ve tried have been of any use, but today i went for my second appointment with Helen and I feel so much better already it’s unbelievable!

The atmosphere at Complete Health clinic is really welcoming and friendly, which really helps you feel relaxed and I think also really helps with the effectiveness of the treatment, as bowel problems can be quite a sensitive subject.

Helen is really kind and she’s given me lots of great advice on how to manage my digestive health, she really goes the extra mile for her patients and I’d definitely 100% recommend a visit to the clinic for anyone else struggling with IBS or other bowel issues.


Aged 24

I have been suffering with my bowels for three years, with consultants and doctors not being able to properly diagnose me or help me in anyway, I felt all out of options. I booked my first appointment with Helen and couldn’t believe, I hadn’t done it sooner, she is such a lovely welcoming happy person. Helen made me feel at ease as soon as she greeted me with her friendly smile. I explained my battle with chronic constipation and my medical background. She gave me nutritional advice and suggested a properly plan, which has helped me so much. Since my second treatment, I am already feeling so much better and it’s all thanks to this glam, caring, incredible lady Helen. I would highly recommend Helen, as she has improved my bowel health in such a sort space of time. So if you have bowel problems, I would definitely book an appointment pronto, as Helen is amazing and will change your life.



After a rollercoaster year of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy following a diagnosis of breast cancer I felt like my body had took a real hammering and I needed to give it a helping hand.

I’d always had a strange curiosity of what a colonic would be like and the health benefits. Helen somehow managed to make it a really enjoyable experience and made me feel totally at ease. I felt great when I walked out the door and received fantastic ideas as to how to support a healthier body after the treatment. I was so pleased my husband went along soon after and again was thrilled with Helen’s approach to treatment.

If you’ve been wondered whether to give Helen’s treatments a go then stop wondering and go for it.


Aged 35, Business Consultant

I have been to see Helen 3 or 4 times now and I find that not only is the treatment worthwhile but also the experience.

The reason I went was because I had heard that the colonic hydrotherapy had numerous health benefits from weight loss to better sleep and improved mood, all of which I found to be correct.

Helen is extremely knowledgeable and talks you through any health concerns you may have and makes you feel extremely comfortable throughout the process.

I always leave the clinic far more calm and relaxed with a more positive outlook.

I would recommend her to anyone.



I’ve known Helen, or as my kids call her the Poo Dr for 3 year’s now, she got recommended to me from my personal trainer who spoke so highly of her. I first started treatments with Helen for weight loss, the first time I met her I felt like I have known her for years, she was so welcoming and made me feel completely at ease, she explained everything she was doing and gave nutritional and amazing aftercare advice, I walked away knowing I would return. My circumstances have now changed and for the last year she has literally been the 4th emergency service for me. After becoming ill, and developing severe constipation due to my medication, Helen has gone above and beyond more than I could have ever imagined, referring me to other in her field to help me long term, writing report to take to my consultants and the list goes on. If you want a cheap bargain treatment with someone who doesn’t care, has hardly any knowledge, in a plain cold room then go ahead, but I promise you once you walk into the Lowry Hotel Spa, meet the wonderful Helen, experience her treatments, in a warm a welcoming room, have her knowledge shared so you get the most out of your visit and then even after that you can chill out in the relaxation room, and I can promise you, like me you will definitely return.