So, as this was a the first time i have been for this treatment I was anticipating seriously invasive and intrusive experience but knew for the health benefits alone going for a colonic was my best option…. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my preconceptions of what it would be …
Helen made the experience relaxed and rather than me feeling on edge and anxious about the procedure she made me feel completely at ease about everything.
Her knowledge is second to none and her bedside manner made the entire thing feel as if I was catching up with an old friend.
I feel the best I have in a long time and on top of that lost 2.5lbs as well as 2.8 inches from my waist and hips after the treatment and before I left I’d already booked in my second one….
I could not recommend Helen anymore to people thinking about getting this done if you want a professional who not only knows her craft but knows how to make people feel comfortable and relaxed before they’ve even arrived!


I have now had 2 colonics with Helen and I can wholeheartedly say it has been the best treatment I have ever received in a health care capacity.
I was feeling very sluggish, bloated and my skin looked very dull. Added to this I suffered from adult acne for the first time in my life! I then commenced a detox plan and was advised to go for a colonic – the first entry I read on the internet was for Helen’s Complete Health Clinic and the reviews were fantastic – so I took the plunge and went for it and I am so glad i did! Helen provided me with a wealth of information and made me feel at ease instantly. It was honestly like being reunited with a friend after many years! The session went very well and the day after my skin looked noticeably brighter and clear and my stomach was no longer bloated! Helen gave me some tips on foods to avoid and also introduced me to Juice Plus – a fantastic product which has aided my skin greatly!
After 2 colonics (which triggered a change to my diet) I have lost weight, people comment on how good my skin looks and most importantly – I FEEL great and energised!
I highly highly highly recommend Helen – her expertise, professionalism, friendliness and sheer warmth render her the perfect specialist.
I will continue to make my appointments with Helen – she is the Holy Grail of the healthcare world!


Helen is fabulous! I have had a treatment block of 3 and for the first time in years I am no longer bloated and I now go to the toilet more than once a week. This is a fantastic clinic and Helen is so nice and makes you feel comfortable. I will now be a regular with the colonic queen, I just wish I had gone sooner!


I have been to see Helen 4 times in the last year but under differing circumstances. My first two visits were to sort out my bowels which were rather gaseous and someone suggested colonic irrigation would be good.

I eventually found Helen in Knutsford. She is so vivacious and loves her job. She completely relaxes you during the irrigation and chats as much as me, before you know it it is time to go to the loo to finish your cleansing. There’s the stool for a stool, putting your feet on the stool as you sit on the loo helps drain away any residual water and poo and makes you feel good.

My recent two visits were under different circumstances. I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had my prostate removed and was home next day. That’s when things took a turn for the worse and I was admitted to another hospital as an emergency. I was diagnosed with a strangulated hernia and underwent an emergency operation to release the small intestine. To cut a long story short, I didn’t eat for days, then was allowed to eat and two weeks later came home. My problems weren’t over. I hadn’t opened my bowels! I was prescribed suppositories, mini enemas and oral laxatives but none worked. I was feeling so full and was reluctant to eat too much.

My wife contacted Helen to see if she could help. I went to see her and she made up a concoction of laxative herbs, not to drink, but to irrigate me with. It felt different to my two previous experiences, there was obviously something in my bowel causing a blockage to my opening my bowels, this didn’t prevent the irrigation working but made it feel different. My time was up and off I went to the loo. Well that was different to, no immediate draining but a definite urge to open my bowels. However after some grunting and groaning and some sweating, whatever was blocking my bowel eventually came out. I think it was the nearest that a man could come to knowing what a woman goes through when giving birth! My bowels then drained as per normal and I felt good but exhausted. I returned a couple of days later for another irrigation but that was back to the normal way of things.

I have tremendous regard for Helen, her attitude, professionalism, humour and dedication. I would recommend her to everyone.


Mr Melia

“I found out about the Complete Health Clinic by a recommendation from a trusted friend, so I just went ahead and booked online. I had a chat over the phone with Helen O’Brien who carries out the treatment and I nervously rocked up for my appointment at the central location of The Lowry Hotel Spa.”

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Helen is a star!! From the moment I arrive for my treatment she makes me feel at ease and talks through everything that will happen and how I might feel. The extra advice and guidance she gives me is so valuable that I wouldn’t go anywhere else. With working from 9-5 and having a busy social life, Helen really is so adaptable with her appointments and makes sure she goes that extra mile to squeeze me in if she can and work around my diary. I have been having treatments from Helen for a few years now. I was recommended to her by a friend and it is the best recommendation I have ever had! After my treatment I feel revitalized and ready to face the world again. Thank you, Helen!


I’d been diagnosed with Anaemia and taking tablets to bump my iron levels up. Although my energy was up, I still felt “out of sorts” as it were! A colleague of mine suggested colonic hydrotherapy and I’m so pleased that they suggested Helen! After my first session I genuinely felt I could breathe better, stand taller and like I could take on the world! I’ve been a few times now as I’m still taking iron tablets. Not only does Helen put you at ease as the sheer idea of a colonic can seem embarrassing but Helen is so professional and her bedside manner is impeccable. Helen is so friendly the experience is so relaxing; it really does feel like a catch up with an old friend! I would highly recommend Helen and a visit to the Complete Health Clinic.


From the age of 19 until now I suffered tremendously with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) it was extremely painful and a complete confidence knock for me. I tried all sorts of remedies and even prescriptive medicines from my doctors and none of them were successful! For ages Helen was telling me how having a colonic would do me the world of good; now as you can probably imagine I was really nervous at the idea of such a procedure. But Helen puts you at complete ease with the whole idea of what will happen and explains ever little bit alone the way to keep you totally relaxed. She is very very welcoming to all newbies and her regulars, along side projecting her passion for her work.

Today I have had the third one done, and I tell you something! I wish that I had done this two years ago when it was at its worst not only did I see results from the first treatment from my colon, but I suffer with psoriasis as well and it was awful around my hairline and scalp. That, as well is completely cleared almost and is less irritating! For the first time in so many years my confidence with my body and complete appearance is at its peak and all because of this wonderful woman! Helen my love, you will never know how much value you are to the health and holistic world and you need to keep on growing for years to come!!


I’ve known Helen, or as my kids call her the Poo Dr for 3 year’s now, she got recommended to me from my personal trainer who spoke so highly of her. I first started treatments with Helen for weight loss, the first time I met her I felt like I have known her for years, she was so welcoming and made me feel completely at ease, she explained everything she was doing and gave nutritional and amazing aftercare advice, I walked away knowing I would return. My circumstances have now changed and for the last year she has literally been the 4th emergency service for me.

After becoming ill, and developing severe constipation due to my medication, Helen has gone above and beyond more than I could have ever imagined, referring me to other in her field to help me long term, writing report to take to my consultants and the list goes on. If you want a cheap bargain treatment with someone who doesn’t care, has hardly any knowledge, in a plain cold room then go ahead, but I promise you once you walk into the Lowry Hotel Spa, meet the wonderful Helen, experience her treatments, in a warm a welcoming room, have her knowledge shared so you get the most out of your visit and then even after that you can chill out in the relaxation room, and I can promise you, like me you will definitely return.


I have suffered with IBS for years and I have found that regular visits for colonic hydrotherapy really take away the uncomfortable feelings and make me feel much better. The surroundings are really relaxing and the nutritional advice Helen gives me has helped me to make changes to my diet, making a huge difference to how I feel on a daily basis.


I am a regular client of Helens and have been for 5 years. I always feel like I’m listened to, receive relevant nutritional information and made to feel comfortable throughout my appointment. I’m glad that I made that first booking, because for me, the treatments really have made such a positive impact on my well being. Thank you Helen! In my opinion, it is certainly money well spent and worth every penny!


I was quite nervous before my first colonic treatment but Helen instantly put me at ease. She takes a genuine interest in your health and your goals and really makes sure every visit is relaxing and enjoyable! I also love the luxurious surroundings of the Lowry Hotel, it really adds to the experience and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Just had a Hopi ear treatment with Helen, wow it felt so relaxing but at the same time I was aware it was helping with my slight congestion, I’m a convert!


Deep Tissue Massage – Having suffered for a long time from bad posture due to my work and my right shoulder was particulary bad – I have had 4 deep tisse massages focusing purely on my back and the difference has been great – I now see Helen every month and my shoulder is so much better.


Indian Head with rejuvenation facial – After a really stressed and hard day at work I felt fantastic after one of Helen’s treatments that she tailor-makes just for ‘me’. I have noticed a huge difference in my mobility in my shoulders and neck and also my face looks ‘lifted’. Helen has a lovely approach and puts me at ease.


Helen has a very welcoming and natural manor, which puts you at ease straight away. I have always found Helen to be helpful and knowledgable, offering advice and explaining the process. I can’t imagine having a colonic with anyone else.


The services are excellent and I am a regular visitor. Helen is passionate about her work and incredibly knowledgeable and sets you at ease explaining as much or as little as you want to know. I would highly recommend.

Managing Director

Meeting Helen was a really pleasant surprise to be honest I didn’t know what to expect!!!  Yes my first time and I should of done it years ago. I lost 4lb, got a burst of energy, my skin & hair looks better, my bloating a gone and I feel a lot lighter. I would recommend that the Lowry is the only place I would go to for colonic hydrotherapy. Again thank you Helen till next time. X


I did my first two colonics with a lady in London a few years before seeing Helen. Her technology was painful. It filled my colon with water to capacity before flowing it out. At capacity, I felt great pain, like I was going to burst. Helen’s technology’s pain-free, which is great. It flows water in and out simultaneously.  As for Helen: she’s lovely – personable, competent, knowledgeable, passionate.

I recommend colonics with Helen to everyone I know wanting to improve their well-being.


Happy Customer

I had been suffering IBS & constipation for years and thought I would try colonic irrigation.  I found Helen in 2013 whilst browsing through the internet, and now I visit her at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester twice a year.  I am so happy with Helen’s professional approach, and her positive and friendly attitude is catchy, she makes you feel at ease and very relaxed.  Helen is very uptodate with her treatments and is always happy to give great advice and support.  I love the benefits of colonic where I come away feeling lighter, clearer, more energised and overall in a happier well-being state. It is part of my health ritual and I am so pleased to have found Helen, she is a Star!


My visit to the complete health care clinic was a fantastically positive experience. I was immediately put at ease by the safe and friendly environment and although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect Helen talked me through everything, she made me feel very relaxed and was incredibly easy to talk to, in fact I laughed a lot through the procedure which was a definite bonus with a few of the noises I was making! The whole experience exceeded all expectations and I would recommend Helen to anyone. She’s friendly, professional, passionate in what she does and extremely caring. I’ve had bowel problems for a long time now and I’m really excited to see the results. It feels like a fresh start and has made it so much easier to be more mindful about what I put into my body. I’ve been smiling all day!


Helen is a bubbly friendly easy to talk to lass, she’s confident, intelligent and engages in conversation on many topics, with valuable information that she will readily offer to help you with, in any way she can. She’s efficient, accommodating AND rings you back, a property I have found lacking in a lot of establishments. I have had the experience of five different colonic hydrotherapists and so I consider myself somewhat qualified to state that Helen is good at what she does. She’s gentle, takes her time and never makes my little internal hemerrhoid bleed after the session. I am more than happy with her expert capabilities and professional approach, I highly recommend her. She is an expert at what she does.


Thank you for making what was an apprehensive experience to be a great girly catch up!I definitely feel lighter and I am really, really thinking about what I eat. I wish I had come to see you sooner. You are so professional and lovely. I would certainly recommend you. We must have talked about everything- book writing workshop , Tony Robbins, our children,  hands massage. Wow! What else did we talk about?! Just awesome, Helen, thank you.


I have been receiving Colonic Irrigation treatment by Helen for the last 2 years and have been delighted with how they have helped me, I feel less bloated and more energetic and don’t know how I managed all the years before my first treatment. Of course I was a little nervous the first time, I had heard some stories from friends about this kind of procedure which make you apprehensive, but from the first minute I met Helen she put me at ease as she chatted to me about the process and shared interests, so when the treatment began, I felt no embarrassment, she uses a closed process and there is no odours of any kind. I would go as far as to say, all you have to do is relax and have a very pleasant chat with a lovely lady and many times you actually forget that you are being treated. Any sensation you do feel is nothing other than quite pleasant. I would highly recommend Helen and if you are feeling apprehensive, just speak to her, I am sure she can help you and put your mind at rest. Thank you for everything you have done Helen.

Colin T

When I first telephoned for an appointment and you were going away – you heard in my voice the worry and anxiety on how low I felt about the state of my health.  Thank you so much for fitting me in into your absolutely packed schedule when you had so much to do.  This is characteristic I have come to learn of your professional and dedicated care you show to your clients.  

My improvement has been so noticeable you hardly recognised me on my last visit!!  Long-term personal problems that were really getting me down have improved drastically as well a my new way of eating, the following improvements have occurred.

  • my energy levels have doubled
  • the bloating abdomen has disappeared
  • my eyes are clear
  • I have finally started to lose weight yet my weight was static no matter how hard I dieted
  • my blood pressure has been the best ever since I was diagnosed with high BP

Apart from all this Helen, to me you are such a truly lovely person.  You put people totally at ease with your relaxed happy attitude.   Everything is done with such dignity and you make it all so easy for the client.  Thank you Helen I am so happy I discovered you.


Helen has a very welcoming and natural manner, which puts you at ease straight away. I have always found Helen to be helpful and knowledgeable, offering advice and explaining the process. I can’t imagine having a colonic with anyone else.


A prolapsed disc in my lower back lead to a long stint on diclofenac; thankfully a successful operation left me pain free but the medication had taken its toll on the whole of my digestive system. Months of visits to my GP for different medications, exclusion diets and countless bottles of syrup of figs left me worse, not better. I read an article about a lady who has tried Colonic Irrigation and so apprehensively I decided to give it a try.
After a very professional full medical background I attended the clinic for the first time and sat in the waiting room dithering; I needn’t have worried, Helen immediately put me at ease. The relief was unbelievable; I came away from the first treatment with a lot less ….. and so much more….. advice!
Helen is kind, caring, very natural, a real pro, and passionate about her profession. Not a sticking plaster over the problem, as the drugs prescribe by my GP had been; Helen quickly identified the root cause and a treatment for my problems and guess what….. I am fixed.
So, if I am fixed, would I stop going for a colonic…… never;
what you need to know is it makes you feel fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Helen, she is first class, and the facilities at the Lowry Spa are excellent.
So don’t wait and suffer any longer, it will be one of the best choices you ever make.


A year into remission, following completion of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, my insides still felt ‘sluggish’ and just ‘not quite right’ as a result of the intensive treatment and supportive medication my body had to endure as a result of the cancer..  Having a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment gave me a new lease of life, and for the first time since my diagnosis i felt an inner health, detox and cleanliness from the inside out, feeling like a new person again!!  It also helped that the therapist Helen made me feels completely relaxed and at ease throughout the entire experience… Thank you again!  I would recommend Helen to anyone considering colonic hydrotherapy…


Indian Head Massage – such an incredibly realxing treatment. Felt the tension lift away from my scalp. such a treat to combine, back, face and head.


Full Body Massage – Helen is really good at explaining the treatment, whats in involved and the benefits and also pinpointing any areas of concern. I found it relaxing but really good focus on the pressure points.


I have been a regular client of Helen’s for around a year & treatments have become a bit like a lovely catch up with an old friend. A measure of how much she makes me feel comfortable as she is always very professional. Helen has a sound knowledge base which she enthusiastically shares & has made some really useful recommendations. I always feel great after treatments & really value them as part of my efforts to look after myself. I would not hesitate to recommend her.