Power of the Breath 

“To our ordinary consciousness, breathing only serves to maintain our body. But if we go beyond our mind, breathing can open up a completely new foundation for our life.” – Ilsa Middenorf

What is Breathwork?

Breathe deeply and gently through every cell of the body, laugh happily, and release the head of worries and anxieties; And finally, breathe in the blessing of love, hope and immortality that is flowing in the air, and you will understand the of human breath” ~ Pundit Acharya

There’s a lot of media talking about Breathwork and what is it …after all, we breathe every day…

Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercise or technique. People often perform them to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. There are many forms of breathwork therapy that involve breathing in and spiritual well-being. During breathwork, you can intentionally change your breathing pattern in a conscious and systematic way.

What are the benefits of breathwork?

Breathwork leads to better physical health. The research literature is full of cases where healthy breathing healed physical illnesses. The most often witnesses are asthma, stress-related illness, high blood pressure and heart problems. Among many studies is one in which two groups of heart attack patients were compared. The first group was taught deep breathing, the second was not. Of the first none had a reoccurrence, whilst over half of the ones who were not shown how to improve their health through their breath had another heart attack.

Doctors have observed people’s blood pressure return from a very elevated state to one within the normal range in just half an hour of deep breathing. The body is designed to discharge 70% of toxins through the breath, if we are not effectively using the breath our other systems need to work overtime to compensate for it. This overwork can set the stage for serious illnesses. Consequently, the proper use of the breath improves health and eliminates illnesses.


I practice breathwork at my Sound Healing events and retreats. Please visit the page on the link below for the latest dates.

Release of tension

This is probably the greatest benefit of this practice. You can feel it even in one deep abdominal breath!

Improvement of athletic ability

It has been observed that athletes can improve their time remarkably after just one session of breathwork. A marathon runner shaved 30 minutes off her time of four hours after just one session!

Enhances mental concentration

Deep breathing is recommended as a way to focus the mind and improve concentration.

Contributes to graceful aging

In a few clinical studies done on breath and aging it has been found that elderly people who breathe deeply have more vitality and greater health.

Contributes to emotional mastery

Clinical studies have shown that our emotions are directly linked to our breath. Learning to use their breath properly can help people learn to manage depression, anger, fear, sadness and anxiety.

Breathwork builds energy

This has been proven by thousands of practitioners and can be observed after one session of learning how to breathe correctly.

Allows for pain management.

Whether for a natural childbirth or to manage chronic pain, our breath is one of our greatest allies.

Facilitates psycho-spiritual transformation

When breathing you oxygenate whatever part of the body/brain where old memories are stored releasing them. Many of my clients encounter early life events and clear away deep held beliefs about themselves and life. Conscious breathing actually retrains your nervous system to tolerate higher levels of energy. People often have deep spiritual experiences while breathing, which has a great healing capacity as it puts them in touch with this incredible power. Even people who have meditated for years find that breathwork will bring some of their most relevant spiritual experiences.

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