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Follow your gut. Feel it in your gut. Gut instinct.

There’s a reason we use these phrases – it’s because your gut is your second brain. You should never ignore your gut health. If something isn’t quite right your gut will tell you. Believe us, we know.

The Complete Health Clinic, Manchester has been treating clients with colon hydrotherapy, colon massage and complementary therapies since 2006. Our growing team has created even more availability for our fabulous clients. It’s the same personal care and exceptional standards of treatment you expect, now with an added sprinkling of personality!

There are so many benefits to colon hydrotherapy, from tackling food intolerances and managing digestive health to improving sleep quality and skin conditions like psoriasis. We’ll help you get your gut in tip top condition and make you feel a million dollars (without actually having to spend that much).

It can be daunting visiting the clinic for the first time. Rest assured, everyone in our team is also a human being with a wicked sense of humour. We’ve all experienced treatment for ourselves. There’s nothing we haven’t seen or heard before. We really love what we do and we’ll do everything in our power to put your mind and body at ease.

Complete Health Clinic Manchester

Established at the Lowry Hotel, Salford for over 18 years. Take 3 easy steps to a healthier you…


  • Thorough chat to discuss your specific needs, concerns and goals
  • Privately discuss your medical history
  • Explain treatment options & outcomes in detail
  • Create a bespoke plan, personally tailored to your symptoms


  • Private and discreet surroundings
  • Relaxing and friendly atmosphere to make you feel comfortable
  • Treatments and therapies tailored for your personal needs
  • Highly experienced therapist with over 16 years’ experience

Aftercare & Advice

  • Overview of results & next steps
  • Nutritional advice to take away
  • Arrange a follow-up maintenance appointment
  • Build a lasting relationship and come back again!
What happens during a Colonic Irrigation (Hydrotherapy) treatment?
What happens with your appointment at Complete Health Clinic?

Why choose the Complete Health Clinic

The Complete Health Clinic reflects Helen’s own personal health philosophy that she has developed over 2 decades in the natural health industry. It distils the principles Helen knows to be the most effective in achieving your long-term health goals.

With Lucy and Anthony joining the team, we have added more availability. Appointment times to suit you. Late nights, evenings and weekends. Book online or alternatively contact the clinic by email, Facebook, Instagram, phone or text.

  • Quick & easy booking process
  • Payment plans available 
  • Appointments reminders are sent by email and text
coffee enema icon

Coffee Enema

A coffee enema is the insertion of organic ground coffee into the colon.

colonic hydrotherapy icon

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Also known as colonic irrigation, what is it?

Book Online

Book treatments and events online, late-night & weekend appointments.

colon massage icon

Colon Massage

A colon massage can help relieve many digestive problems.

food intolerance

Food Intolerance Testing

Is your gut trying to tell you something?

sound bath icon

Sound Healing

Healing at a cellular level, experience pure bliss.

lymphatic drainage icon

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage encourages lymph flow in the body.


Probiotic Implants

28 billion live bacteria are syringed into a clean bowel.

stool test

Gut Diagnostics

What can you test for using a Stool Sample?

Based on 124 reviews
Amanda McLeod
Amanda McLeod
Helen provides a fantastic professional service. I feel so much better after a session with Helen. Great advice and after care given. I would definitely recommend her services to all.
Kiana Hughes
Kiana Hughes
Fantastic service! Helen was so lovely and made the whole experience a joy! Couldn’t recommend enough! Thank you 🙂
Belinda Preston
Belinda Preston
Helen was fantastic , very friendly , professional and made you feel at ease. The treatment was great and I feel much better for it, would definitely recommend and I will be returning. Thank you
Guillaume Pochon
Guillaume Pochon
Helen is an amazing therapist who knows how to make you feel relax as soon as you walk in. As a lot of people, I was quite anxious as it was my first treatment but it went extremely well and I was really impressed. I have now booked an extra two courses and I am looking forward to it!
Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans
I just want to say how amazing Helen is. My lad walked away and the first thing he said was she was lovely, he is not the easiest of lads to win over and I could see how at ease he was with Helen. The actual treatment was comfortable, Dylan mentioned how gentle she was, and felt relaxed throughout. I would really recommend using Helen if you are looking for someone who can make you laugh and feel relaxed and comfortable in such a sensitive situation. By far the best clinic we have used would never use anyone else

Meet Clinical Director & Founder, Helen.

Complimentary therapies to improve your lifestyle

Known as the Colonics Queen, I specialise in Colonic Hydrotherapy (also known as Colonic Irrigation) and complimentary therapies such as colon massage, manual lymphatic drainage, breathwork and sound healing to name a few! I have over 20 years of experience working in spas and clinics in the North West and to many of my clients, I am known as the 4th Emergency Service! I am the number one in number twos!

Amid life’s hectic pace, where individuals find themselves caught in the whirlwind of stress and complexities, prioritizing health becomes paramount. Amidst the chaos, having a strong foundation in good health is crucial. I firmly believe that taking care of your health provides the cornerstone for achieving almost anything in life. After all, there is only one you!

If you are considering Colon Hydrotherapy or any Complimentary therapy, I understand that it’s a big decision, and that’s why I will make sure every experience is comfortable, relaxing and personal to you.

Clinic director and Founder Helen

Energy Healing

Sound Healing Events &

1-to-1 Sound Baths

Sound healing is gaining in popularity in recent times but using sound to heal has been practised for thousands of years.

Healing Mind, Body and Soul. View Upcoming Events.

Sound healing events Manchester
Private sound healing events

Experience The Sheer Bliss of a Private Sound Bath

Happy Clients

Helen is incredible at her job, the most kindest person and gentle. I was very nervous when I arrived to my appointment as it was my first time, she put me in ease talked through it all the way till the end. I loved everything the experience the place was extremely at high standards and professional. Thank you Helen you are amazing.”

Zenab Khan


If I could give more stars I would. Helen is absolutely incredible! Her knowledge, energy and advice was so enlightening, I cannot wait to go back again. Do not hesitate to book if you want to invest in a bit of essential self care and to meet someone highly talented who radiates positivity.



Helen created a very relaxed and calming environment which enabled me to feel the full effect of the sound healing process. I was pleasantly surprised to feel some of the sensations that H explained would happen which meant I could fully enjoy the experience.


Sound Healing


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