Alright, folks, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of colonics—a topic that tends to make people squirm. But why should it? Let’s be honest, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about colon hydrotherapy, and today, I’m here to set the record straight, #colonicsqueen to the rescue!

Fear and false assumptions are often the two reasons we never try something new. I mean, we could hear 99% positive reviews, but somehow, that one negative comment from our neighbour’s cousin’s friend’s sister’s ex-roommate sticks in our mind. (And as we all know, opinions are like bottoms—everyone’s got one!)

Don’t let fear or misinformation hold you back from achieving great results and feeling like your best self. For all those considering taking the plunge into colonics and transforming their gut health forever, let me put your mind at ease as I address the 5 most common myths I hear about Colon Hydrotherapy.



One of the biggest myths I hear floating around the grapevine (or the web) is that colonics are dangerous. As a therapist of 20 years and an individual who’s had colonics for the last 24 years, I can personally tell you from my vast experience, this is pure baloney.

When done correctly by a trained and knowledgeable therapist, colonics are a completely safe way to detox the body. They’re like giving your insides a refreshing shower, minus the rubber ducky. No drugs, no chemicals, and no negative side effects. Can your laxatives boast that? Didn’t think so.

Before you even consider those so-called “miracle pills,” read the fine print and think about what you want to achieve. Do you want a quick fix that leaves you running to the bathroom every five minutes? Or do you want to address the root cause and make a lasting change?

The real danger here is misinformation. Chemical laxatives are just masking the problem, often making it worse with potential addiction and side effects. Bowel perforation and colons bursting? Dramatic fabrications. Colonics date back to ancient Egypt, and while we’ve swapped reeds for medical tubing, the method remains the same. And guess what? It’s still safe!

So, myth buster #1: Colonics are safe and a fantastic way to detox, cleanse the large intestine, and feel rejuvenated.


Imagine doing a poo in reverse. Sounds weird, right? But that’s essentially what a colonic feels like. While the initial sensation might be unusual (nobody loves the speculum insertion), it only lasts about 15 seconds. After that, it’s mostly smooth sailing and surprisingly relaxing.

The only time it can get a bit uncomfortable is if you’re super toxic. Think of it as your body’s way of evicting a stubborn tenant. Trapped gas can cause some discomfort too, but it’s fleeting. It’s like being a baby with colic—unpleasant, but temporary. Once the trapped matter or gas is released, you’ll feel immense relief.

Colonics are not just a physical detox but an emotional one too. So, leave your worries on the table, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Myself, Lucy, and Anthony at Complete Health Clinic are here to guide and support you through the whole process.


This is a biggie, especially for the guys. Yes, your first colonic might feel a bit strange—undressing from the waist down in front of a stranger isn’t exactly on anyone’s bucket list. But let me tell you, it’s worth it.

Think of us as mechanics. We see your body for what it is and focus on making it work better. There’s about 15 seconds of bum exposure, then you’re comfortably covered. We see more socks and toes than we do bums!

What comes next is the fascinating part—watching your toxins flow out. It’s not as gross as you might think and provides invaluable feedback on your gut health. We discuss your diet, lifestyle, and what might be causing your issues. It’s like a therapy session for your gut!

So, to recap: your first colonic might be a bit nerve-wracking, but with an open mind, it can be a great, non-embarrassing experience filled with laughs and valuable insights.


One word: nope. Thanks to the closed system used in colon hydrotherapy, everything is completely contained. Clean water goes in, toxins go out, all through a sealed system. No mess, no smells. Plus, we use essential oils to create a relaxing, aromatic environment.


While colon hydrotherapy is fantastic for relieving constipation, its benefits go far beyond that. From loose stools and IBS to anxiety and depression, colonics can help. 90% of serotonin (our happy hormone) is produced in the gut. A toxic colon can impact your mood, energy levels, and overall health.

Colonics can help with PMS, emotional cleansing, and maintaining a healthy digestive system. we hold our emotions in our solar plexus chakra which is right across your colon. It’s like taking your car in for a routine service—regular colonics keep your body running smoothly.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, this gives you some insight into the wonderful world of Colon Hydrotherapy. I’ve administered over 30,000 colonic treatments, and it’s transformed my life in unimaginable ways. For more about my journey and FAQs, check out our website.

Bottoms up!

Helen x