Hello, wonderful souls! As we tiptoe into spring , I’m eagerly awaiting those golden rays of sunshine ☀️ that seem just a tad shy this year.

April isn’t just about blooming flowers; it’s also a critical time for awareness with a tri-focus on stress , bowel cancer, and IBS. Personally and professionally, I’ve witnessed how deeply these issues intertwine with our digestive health.

In my recent blog, I reflected on the profound personal loss of my uncle to bowel cancer in his fifties. It’s a poignant reminder of the importance of proactive health screenings. Fit tests for bowel cancer, now available from the age of 54 (yes, that includes me! ), are quick, simple, and can offer peace of mind in just 10 days. If you have any doubts or familial predispositions, getting screened is a no-brainer.

Now, let’s talk about stress and its partner in crime, IBS. Many of you know the duo all too well.

The classic symptoms—bloating, erratic bowel movements swinging between constipation and diarrhoea , and that gnawing abdominal pain—are more than just nuisances. They warrant a discussion with your GP or a gastroenterologist to confirm whether IBS is the culprit.

Stress can be a prime trigger for an IBS flare-up. Picture this: in response to stress, our bodies shift into the primitive ‘fight or flight’ mode—akin to our caveman ancestors confronting a sabre-toothed tiger , though today’s tigers often come in the form of traffic jams , social media angst , and looming deadlines . This ancient response inhibits digestive functions, disrupts gut motility, and can lead us to reach for less-than-healthy comfort foods .

But fear not, IBS is not just “all in your head.” It’s a tangible, physiological condition that stems from an imbalance in your gut microbiome. Thankfully, it responds well to a tailored blend of dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and appropriate supplements. Understanding your condition and having a game plan can significantly alleviate symptoms and improve your quality of life.

At Complete Health Clinic, we’ve been helping clients navigate these choppy waters for over two decades with therapies like colon hydrotherapy and a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests to get to the “bottom” of things.

If you’re looking to counteract stress, and anxiety, or just feel a bit out of sync, consider joining us for a serene session at the Lowry Sound Bath on May 16th. It’s 90 minutes of soothing sounds, frequencies, and vibrations designed to harmonise your physical and emotional well-being at a cellular level ‍♀️.

For those intrigued by the inner workings of their gut, our Gut Map tests are ready to explore your microbiome, DNA, and more, including checks for parasites and food sensitivities. Find out more:




Food Sensitivity

Embrace the holistic path from gut to zen this Stress Awareness Month, and let’s spring forward to wellness together!