Listen to the behind-the-scenes podcast when @sextedmyboss team made a visit to Complete Health Clinic for Jordan North’s first colonic! Will it be his last? Have a listen in – Tour Diaries: Day 9 at Birmingham Symphony Hall

“It’s day nine of the Help I Sexted My Boss live tour! William has a very special treat for Jordan, as he is about to lose his colonic virginity. Hopefully, he doesn’t have any accidents on stage tonight at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.”

Thanks to William for bringing Jordan along. If you have not listened to the podcast before check them out:

“William Hanson and Jordan North are unlikely best friends. William’s a posh etiquette expert, and Jordan’s an expert in all things common. In this hit comedy podcast, their worlds collide as they help you navigate the challenges of modern life, answering your 21st-century questions and finding solutions to everyday dilemmas.”

Help I Sexted My Boss