Hey lovely people!

March is a special time for raising awareness about colon and colorectal cancer, two issues very dear to me. ️ The story of my Uncle Peter, who lost his battle with colon cancer in his early 50s, deeply affected me and inspired my path as a colon hydrotherapist. He had to live with a colostomy bag before he passed from secondary cancer. It makes you wonder, could early detection have changed his story?

The good news is that the NHS offers screening tests from age 54 in many areas. It’s super easy to do, and you get your results back quickly! Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Now, I’m not saying colon hydrotherapy is the magic solution to preventing colon cancer. But, it can sometimes spot those red flags early. Clients may share symptoms or concerns that hint at something more serious needing a closer look.

Risk factors for colon and rectal cancer include age, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Let’s break it down a bit:

  • Diet: We hear a lot about diet and cancer. Cutting down on processed foods and boosting your fibre intake is key. Aim for 25-30g of fibre daily with simple swaps like:
    • Opting for wholemeal pasta, brown rice, and seeded bread
    • Rethinking your snack choices, focusing on healthier options
    • Starting your day with wholegrain breakfasts topped with nuts, seeds, and fruit
    • Adding a rainbow of fruits and veggies to your plate
  • Weight: Keeping an eye on your weight is important, as obesity is linked to an increased risk of bowel cancer.
  • Exercise: No need to become an Ironman overnight, but daily walks and choosing stairs over elevators can make a difference (and it’s great for stress relief too!). ‍♂️
  • Smoking: Dropping the habit can not only reduce your risk of cancer but also save you a bundle!
  • Alcohol: Moderation is key, as alcohol consumption is also linked to colon cancer risk.
  • Family History: If bowel cancer runs in your family, consider getting a genetic assessment for personalised advice and potential screening. ‍‍

Certain medical conditions might also increase your risk, so staying informed and proactive about your health is crucial.

Remember, the bowel is a large organ, and like with most cancers, early detection can lead to effective treatment. Keep an eye on your toilet habits; what you see can give you clues about your health.

Let’s spread the word and support each other in staying informed and healthy. Your body will thank you for it!

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