A simple philosophy

As a therapist, I give all my clients undivided time and maximum value from every treatment, whether it’s your first visit or one of many. I understand your body is a community of organs that all need to work in harmony and I treat the whole of the community as opposed to a little part.

Special herbal infusions are sometimes added to the purified water to aid the cleansing of the colon, these are unique to your treatment and selected based on your personal symptoms. Benefits of using this range from aiding detoxification, to soothing inflammation.

I look at your range of symptoms and design a bespoke set of treatments and therapies to work alongside each other to help create a personally tailored program of care within the framework of these packages. Once you choose one of these packages, we will still have an initial consultation as per any of my colonic treatments.

After the treatments, where appropriate, I offer recommendations for supplements, herbs or probiotics to aid your health issues and optimise the cleansing process that we have completed.

Single Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

  • 60 min duration
  • Less bloating
  • Increased energy
  • Removes waste & toxins

Price : £75

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Course of 3 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments

  • Coffee Enema and Probiotic Implant available as an added extra
  • All 3 treatments to be used within 8 weeks T's & C's apply

Price : £195

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The Full Shebang Package

  • Colonic Hydrotherapy, with a Coffee Enema and a Probiotic Implant
  • The ultimate detox

Price : £105

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Ultimate Detox Package

  • 2 x Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Detox Supplements - Just for Tummies Live Bacteria, Omega 3, Milk Thistle and Tummy Tea
  • 4 Week Treatment Plan

Price : £260

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Parasite Cleanse

  • 2 x Colonic Hydrotherapy with parasite tincture
  • Detox Supplements - Cloves, black walnut and wormwood.
  • 4 Week Treatment Plan

Price : £200

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At the Complete Health Clinic I offer a service where you pay for expertise and energy rather than overheads! It’s a truly personal, flexible and absolutely client-focused format. You are the priority!

After your treatment I provide aftercare and advice that is personalised for your individual requirements, along with a suggested course of treatments to maintain the results.

If you’d like to combine one of these packages with a complimentary therapy package created uniquely to work alongside your health issues and symptoms, please have a look here at what we provide and ask me when booking what I can create for you.

How Long Do I Have to Use a Package?

Any appointments for packages needs to be taken in full within 8 weeks of the booking date.

All packages are sold to be used by an individual, not by separate people (i.e. a package of three treatments is not for three people). If you require appointments for more than one person, you must book separate appointments for each person.


Appointment Cancellation Policy

The Complete Health Clinic requires all treatments and packages to be paid for in full at the time of booking. We are an in demand clinic and as such cannot afford a last minute cancellation, as we have clients on waiting lists for appointments! If you cannot make your appointment, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required in order to try and reallocate your time to another client. We understand that sometimes unforeseen event occur and as such we treat each cancellation on a case by case basis, however unless we manage to fill your booking slot, there is a no refund policy.