What are the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy?

  • It cleanses the colon, the irritants and allergy triggers
  • Rehydrates the bowel
  • Repairs the gut wall
  • Replaces digests and rebalance the bowel flora
  • Rebuilds the gut-grain connection and stimulates reflex points
  • Restores the bowel function and reshapes it
  • Re-educate the owner of the bowel and stimulates peristalsis (contraction and relaxation of the colon)

How you can benefit from colonic hydrotherapy

  • Improved mental and physical well-being
  • Relief from bloating
  • Relief from constipation
  • Relief from painful haemorrhoids
  • Relief from toxic headaches
  • Better skin and complexion

Regular treatments over a longer term may lead to improvements in liver and kidney function, better digestion and strengthening of the immune system.

All these benefits are dependent upon factors including; the amount of toxic load, how frequently you do or do not go to the toilet, lifestyle and diet.

Personalised advice and after care will be provided, including guidance on the number of recommended treatments, frequency of follow ups to maintain your desired level of health and to ensure bowel disease risk is reduced.

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