Your holiday is around the corner. But how can make sure that you have a healthy all-inclusive stay and keep your gut happy too? Here are ten health essentials to help you survive your all-inclusive. They’re going to make not break your holiday!


  1. Just because you CAN eat it all, doesn’t mean you HAVE to!


Firstly, eating small and regular meals is much better for your digestive system than having a massive binge at one sitting. Just because you CAN eat it all, doesn’t mean you HAVE to all in one meal. So to make your holiday a healthy all-inclusive treat, try to think about breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks in-between those meals. Try to spread your food out, as if you would at home.


  1. An apple a day keeps the constipation away…


Wherever your holiday destination is, the healthy all-inclusive options available are always going to be fresh, local and seasonal fruit and vegetables. So stock up and enjoy the local specialities!


Include extra fresh fruit in your breakfast to fill you up and start the day right. An added bonus is that they will help your digestive system after the travelling (see my previous blog about holiday flight gas).


If you’re suffering from constipation, try adding one or two prunes into your breakfast as they will quickly help to get your bowels moving regularly AND they have some handy antioxidants in too that treat any all-inclusive hangovers (Pina Colada anyone?!).


  1. Not all fruit is as problem-free as you think.


Fruit is a good healthy all-inclusive snack option too – filling, juicy and portable. But if you are an IBS sufferer, stick to low-FODMAP fruit such as oranges, bananas, grapes, blueberries, strawberries and honeydew melons. These fruits are less gas producing for the stomach.


  1. Don’t feel you have to avoid a Full English to be healthy!


Just because you’re trying to be healthy, doesn’t mean you have to avoid the full English experience for your breakfast. But have it in moderation and vary the ingredients. I know we all start with good intentions, but then cave in and end up with a full English every morning! So my advice would be to take advantage of the huge selection of foods each day and vary what you are eating.


  1. Replicate your normal food patterns.


Think about what you would eat for lunch at home and keep it light and simple. Cheese, cold meats and salads are a good healthy all-inclusive option. Keep it light and simple. Your reward will be more energy in the afternoon, rather than lying in a food-coma on the sunbed! Don’t forget a large glass of water with meals to help your digestive system move the food along and reduce feeling bloated.


Again, if you do suffer from IBS or indigestion, then be careful with your rich, buttery and fried food choices.


  1. Drinks anyone?!


Which drink is the healthy all-inclusive option when you have the pick of the lot? Well you’ll be pleased to hear that on the calorie front, the sparkling versions of wine are the best choice – champagne and cava. But don’t forget about all the gas in those bubbles. They’ve got to come out one way or another, and if they don’t you can end up feeling more bloated the next day.


Spirits are low in calories, but be careful what you’re mixing it with. If you want a cocktail, then have one, but keep in mind, they are the highest in calories, so probably best not to have them all night, every night!


  1. Top yourself up with some water.


You know what I’m going to say here – the more water you can drink throughout the day, the better. It helps to keep your body hydrated and your bowels lubricated too. But beware of the effects of drinking the bottled mineral water. The changes in the composition of the minerals can sometimes cause constipation. Look for the lowest mineral content if you can. That’s why even though we’re drinking as much water as we can; sometimes it feels like it’s not helping! That’s when a daily serving of prunes could help!


  1. Walking to the bar counts as exercise, right?!


Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but that’s my next healthy all-inclusive tip! Your digestive system loves exercise. Think of it as a cuddle to your colon.  I don’t mean 10km on the treadmill, but here are a few ideas you could do:


  • Walk to the beach instead of taking the shuttle bus,


  • Swim in the sea, or play a game on the beach like beach tennis,


  • Swim some lengths in the pool every day instead of just floating on your lilo,


  • Take the walk to the bar to order your mid-afternoon beer instead of using the waiter service,


  • Take the stairs instead of the lift!


Any movement to help keep you active will also help your waistline a little more!


  1. Damage limitation!


Of course, if you do go away, have the time of your life and forget it all, then there’s always damage limitation. If you come back from your all-inclusive and are all bunged up or feeling uncomfortable, I can help. So just contact me and book an appointment  and we can have a chat about the different ways I can help.


  1. Focus on having an amazing time – relaxation is key!


The biggest healthy all-inclusive tip I can give you is to RELAX! Stress is a major contributor to IBS and other digestive problems, so just take time for yourself, sleep, eat good food and have a wonderful breakaway!


Happy holidays xx

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