Loving yourself can be one of the hardest, yet most important things that you will ever do!

So, what does it mean to love yourself? And how do you go about it?

For many reasons, some of us may find it easier to love others than to love ourselves.  We can be our own harshest critic, our inner voice can be brutal! Before anyone has the chance to criticise you, I’m sure who have got in there first! But do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone so critical?

The unhealthiest relationship we can have is with ourselves, bad habits, toxic substances, self-harming (not always physical) is as a way of self-sabotage because we do not feel worthy and how easy it is to dwell on your own perceived inadequacies?

However, regardless of the reasons for your lack of self-love, it is now time to start caring for yourself and treating yourself with the love you deserve. This is not being selfish it is the blueprint that shows others how to love you and what you deserve!

Valentine’s Day is approaching so my gift to you is ’14 Ways To Just Love Yourself’. Some may seem simple, others a little more challenging, however, you do not have to use all of these ideas, but you’ll find some overlaps that work nicely together.

Click Here – 14 Ways To Love Just Yourself 


Are you thinking of resetting all the bad habits that were accumulated in 2020 and showing your body a little TLC?

Would you like to detox, reset your gut microbiome, and lose some weight?

At Complete Health Clinic I run a 21-day reset your gut programme.

  • Initial 1-2-1 Meeting either in my clinic or via zoom/phone where we do a lifestyle analysis and discuss your goals and take markers and also your body measurements.
  • You get a comprehensive guide to the programme
  • Supplements to prepare the body for detox
  • Supplements for the intense 7-day detox Purify phase
  • Supplements to support the body post detox
  • A resource for meal ideas
  • Support throughout as well as group support via what’s app group and myself

End of 21-day wellbeing consultation to compare markers, discuss changes and a forward plan to continue improving your health

If you need to know more please look on my website www.completehealthclinic.co.uk/21-gut-programme/

Or just get in touch 😊

Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester