Dear Colonics Queen

I keep hearing about drinking water…but really why? Isn’t the 2 litres of coca cola I drink and 6 cups of coffee a day enough…not to mention the tonic I put in my gin at night. Okay my skin is dry and my mouth feels like the bottom of a bird cage but what’s all the fuss about?

Mrs Dee Hydrate


Well Dee, you do drink a lot don’t you….?!

Before I delve into why we should all be drinking more water, let me ask you this question….

“Would you put coca cola, coffee or gin in your car to wash your windscreen or stop your radiator from overheating?”

Probably not…

  1. Water = Health

Believe it or not that stuff that comes out of a tap – aka water, is an essential nutrient. Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of it for starters. Our bodies depend upon water for optimal health and fitness.

Water helps with all body functions operating around the clock. It maintains hydration, digestion (obviously a key area in my line of work), heart and lung function, joint lubrication, protection of our tissues, regulating body temperature, and much more.

It really is amazing stuff! It keeps us feeling and functioning at our best.

  1. More water, less weight

Did you know that water can help with weight loss? I know, amazing hey!

A glass of water before a meal decreases your appetite so you stick to portion control better. Think about that before you pour a large glass of vino.

Many people confuse thirst for hunger too. Nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water when you are feeling sluggish. Do this next time you find yourself reaching for snacks.

Drinking more water also cuts the craving for fizzy drinks and juices. Your 2 litres of coca cola has about 50 teaspoons of sugar in it – think of the calories!

  1. Water beats the bloat

Hurrah! So many of my clients suffer from bloating.

The myth about avoiding drinking more if you’re retaining water is far from the truth.  Retaining water is the body’s natural protective measure to prevent dehydration.  So bloat time is no time to hold back drinking fluids.

Water is a natural remedy to reduce bloating. Drinking plenty throughout the day will aid the flushing process.  It will reduce retained salt and lubricate the colon. This will speed up flushing out those belly-bloating foods.

  1. Water flushes the pipes

Ah my favourite subject! Water absolutely does aid digestion.

Constipation is an unpleasant experience and not drinking enough water promotes unhealthy digestion. Time to increase the water and keep things moving at a regular and comfortable pace.

When we don’t drink enough, the body pulls water from our stool creating a constipation problem. Drinking plenty of water prevents constipation, promotes healthy digestion, flushes toxins, and eases the burden on our kidneys and liver.

  1. Water gives you the miracle of youth

You said you suffer from dry and lifeless skin? Good skin starts from within and is better when we drink plenty of water.

We lose body water through sweat, air conditioning and central heating. Drinking water rehydrates and replenishes the natural lubrication to our skin. Our skin loves moisture. Drinking plenty of water helps restore suppleness and eliminates dryness.

Want to look 10 years younger – take the water challenge!

Expensive creams claim they turn back the clock. But drinking enough water is the primary way to get the best skin you can.

  1. Drinking more water is easy

We all have taps in our houses, so there’s no excuse for not having access to water. Most workplaces have water available to drink too.

We all live attached to our phones these days. There are loads of apps that remind you to drink enough water every day. I’ve recently downloaded Daily Water Balance Tracker. Worth doing if you need a “kick up the backside”!

Treat yourself a fancy drinks bottle that inspires you to use it too.

Drinking enough water is always indicated by the colour of your pee. Healthy urine is clear. If it’s too yellow – you need to drink more.

We are all unique. Daily water requirements differ per person and on age, environment, and activity levels.

A good guide from The Food and Nutrition Board recommends that “women consume 2.7 litres (91 oz.) daily and men consume 3.7 litres (125 oz.) through various beverages (80%) or in food (20%).”


Let me know how you get on with replacing some of those drinks with water. If you’ve found an app that helps or a trick that keeps you on track, let me know in the comments below so that it helps others.

Remember water is life, so grab a new lease of life and drink some more water!


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