*A letter to my past self

Dear Helen

At this point, having left your 8-week old baby (who was your gift from god after suffering a painful miscarriage previous to him) at home with your parents – I know you can’t imagine what the future may hold for you. Never in the mind of man would you have imagined you would have to come back from having a baby so early because the clinic you are working for has no one to do your treatments.

QMS Skin Spa at the Lowry Hotel Manchester home of Complete Health Clinic

The QMS Skin Spa, home of Complete Health Clinic.

But let me tell you that 10 years on and you have made a successful business and are now an integral part of an amazing spa hotel, with clients that you are so privileged to work with. Something to be truly proud of. I know you have shed some tears today, not knowing where to go and who anyone was, feeling fat after pregnancy all dressed in black! But I remember you sitting in the bar where two lovely bar staff greeted you to get you a coffee – those two people David and Justyna become your great friends and it becomes a ritual to sit and have a coffee there. They are the first of many blessings to come.

Keynote Speaker at the Women's in Business Event. Image credit Andrew Collier Photography

Keynote Speaker Women’s Business Network.

Helen, you will change so much – your knowledge, your confidence and your self-esteem. Can you believe that there will come a time when you will be able to stand up to an audience and talk about your passion?! A lovely client will say to you “Helen, if you can be your authentic self then you will nail it and be a great success…..”. Well listen to him, as it will become your ethos and you will portray this in your business through and through.

The clients you will see over these 10 years are an amazing gift and asset and I know your dream of having your own business is to do it your way. The people who will walk through your door will make you laugh and in some cases cry….. a hug is always there and a massive box of tissues to wipe the tears away is always welcome – don’t be scared to show the real you to them.

I want you to know Helen, what life throws at you, you will deal with it all. Everything works out exactly how it’s meant to and one day you will be a Queen (Colonics Queen in this case, of your own Empire)! There will be challenges, but with that comes growth. It doesn’t seem possible know to imagine, but you will join the Colonic Association on the committee and go from just joint to vice chairperson!!

You will get thinner and healthier, your image will change and you will become more confident as you grow and meet new people as well as shed a few…. but people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. You will make great friends as well over the years both with Lowry staff and clients.Networking. Image Credit Andrew Collier

I am sitting here and I have seen change. Now I’m sitting in a newly refurbished spa and my business is now based here full time. I received a lovely letter and dinner for two as a gift and recognition that I have been at the hotel over 10 years and I am a great ambassador- that brought a tear to my eye!

But for now Helen, remember to look forwards to the future. You will meet people that will inspire and assist you in your journey and also you will help them…..after all you reap what you sow.

This is day 1 of the rest of your life….grab the rest of it with both hands!

Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester