All the organs in the body had a meeting to decide who should be in charge……..The brain thought he should be in charge, “because I run all the body’s systems, so without me nothing would happen”.

There were a few murmurs and groans………

“Typical bossy boots” quietly said the kidney in the back row….

“I think I should be in charge” said the blood very loudly!

Because I circulate oxygen all over so with without me you would waste away!

This was greeted with claps and cheers

“you tell him” shouted the pancreas who was met with a hard stare from the brain.

It is me who should be in charge said the stomach defiantly, because I process the food that gives you energy.

Heads nodded around the room and the lungs did wonder if he should mention the importance of oxygen……….

“I should be in charge” said the legs because I carry you wherever you need to go……….

This was met with loud cheers ‘Ere’ ‘Ere’ from the two ears sitting in the middle of the room……..

“NO!!!! You must vote me in charge” said the Eyes because I allow you to see where you are going……….

The loud applause and cheers were deafening which made the legs speechless!

Excuse me said the Colon very quietly, “If I may say but I don’t agree with you – it is me that should be in charge of the body because I am the one that is responsible for the removal of the waste in the body……..”

Silence……………then a little giggle where the Brain said “ that colon is always talking through his backside’!

There was uproar and laughter and the other organs started to make rude comments about the colon……… he thought I will show you and decided to go on strike!

So what was the outcome after a few days……….The Brain had a headache, the stomach was bloated and the liver and kidneys became overworked and distressed. The lungs became smelly and the legs were weak. The eyes got infected and their vision became blurred and the blood became toxic causing the skin to come out in a rash and the organs started to complain……….

So it was decided that the colon should become the boss – the lesson to be learnt there is

Always treat your colon with respect no matter how quiet it may speak!…………..