Sally Hudson is the Director and Creator of She has worked in the media for the past 10 years, as a Radio Presenter, holding number 1 shows in both the North East and Currently Manchester. Sallyvlogs is a website setup for real women, as Sally says “Women who are just getting on with it! Its the only way they know!! We need to be talking more about YOU!”.

Sally came to the clinic to experience Colon massage, a great first step if colonic hydrotherapy worries you! Watch the process below!


A massage based procedure focusing around the abdomen. Colon massage is particularly good for relieving painful wind. This treatment is a gentle and effective massage focusing on the abdomen but also incorporating reflexology, acupressure points and mysofascia  techniques to stimulate bowel function. It can also give relief from pain due to constipation, trapped wind and bloating and also help with retained abdominal fluid. Overall it can assist in better metabolic function and upper respiratory function through breathing and fascia release.