We’re lucky enough to live in a country with a hugely rich and vibrant culture, and for the past 200 years part of that culture has been curries and Asian cooking. In fact, curries are now so popular in Britain that they always turn up in some form or other in the top three in a survey of our favourite foods.

Although takeaway and restaurant curries have a reputation for being unhealthy, it’s still possible to enjoy them in moderation if you’re watching your weight or health. Eat curry no more than once a week, limit the number of side orders such as naan bread or poppadoms, order plain rice and skip the samosas and onion bhajis, which are usually deep fried.

Alternatively, make your own curry. Use lean chicken breast and lots of vegetables, and make the sauce with fat free yoghurt or creme fraiche to reduce the fat content. If you avoid using too much cream or butter, curries can be a healthy option. Turmeric, the main ingredient of curry powder, can help reduce inflammation and contains antioxidants, and it’s also commonly used as an antiseptic in India thanks to its healing properties. Coriander, another common curry ingredient, can calm anxiety while tomatoes promote a range of health benefits including healthy skin and improved circulation.

Although most of us love curry, in common with other heavily spiced foods it can cause digestive problems as it raises the activity in your gut to a higher level than normal. This means you’re at a higher risk than normal of experiencing symptoms such as stomach cramps and diarrhoea, and curry can often cause flare-ups for IBS sufferers.

13th to 19th October was the 17th National Curry Week, an initiative started to promote the diversity of curry while raising money for various charities. Did you take part? If so in could be the perfect time for a cleanse. A course of colonic hydrotherapy is a safe, non-chemical way of removing toxin build up and soothing a stressed digestive system, leaving you feeling as healthy as possible.

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