It’s January, and post-Christmas and New Year what could possibly be our topic this month but detoxing, cleansing and getting yourself back into shape after the festive period?

Everyone over-indulges a little over Christmas. It’s not only normal, but we think it’s the sign of having thoroughly enjoyed yourself! Once everything’s settled down again in January, though, it’s time to give your poor over-worked digestive system a bit of a spa treatment.

If your colon is full of toxins, you won’t get maximum benefit from the nutrients you eat, so the first thing to do is kickstart the detox process with a colonic hydrotherapy session. This chemical-free treatment uses warm water to gently wash out toxins, leaving you feel refreshed, energised and ready to start the next step.

Now it’s time to overhaul your diet. You don’t need to do anything drastic, just making a few simple changes will help keep everything working as it should be – here’s what to do:

  • Swap frozen foods for fresh foods, for example ditch fish fingers for fillets of fresh fish.
  • Ditch ready meals for homemade versions.
  • Eat as much food raw as you can, for example vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, salad leaves, spinach and mushrooms are all just as tasty uncooked, as are most fruits. Eating your food raw will help you get the maximum amount of nutrients, and vegetables are high-fibre, high bulk foods that will help keep you cleansed.
  • Drink lots of water. The NHS recommend that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid a day, and men should drink 2 litres. Tea, coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks do count towards your total, but the majority of your intake should be water. Always drink the purest water you can, bottled mineral water and filtered tap water are both good choices.

A few weeks of making these healthy changes will put the spring back in your step, and as a bonus you might also lose a little weight – and that can’t be bad!

For more hints, tips and general information about colonic hydrotherapy, visit our Facebook page, The Complete Health Clinic – I’d love to hear about your detox journey and what works for you.

Helen x