What have you got planned for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, Saturday 14 February? A nice meal out, perhaps, or some flowers and chocolates? Maybe this is the year you’ve put more thought in than ever, and you’re planning a special trip out or even a holiday?

You might have put a lot of time and effort into showing your appreciation of your human partner, but have you thought about one of the other important relationships in your life – your gut?! The two of you have been together since the beginning, and just like any other relationship there’s a tendency to take it for granted – but a little care and attention could do wonders for your partnership. Here’s what to do:

Pay it some attention

The film version of 50 Shades of Grey is due for UK release on 13th February, and even if you’re not planning to see it there’s still something to be learnt, which is that a single outcome can have many subtleties and permutations along the way, and some relationships can be destructive. Pay attention to what your poor, overworked digestive system is trying to tell you, and watch out for your own personal 50 Shades of Brown. Feed your body plenty of fibre, including whole grains, nuts and pulses. Try to cut down on alcohol, refined sugar and saturated fat, and top up with lots of fruit and vegetables instead. If you don’t look after your digestive system properly, be prepared for lots of grumbling!

Keep it in shape

As well as making sure you eat and drink properly, there are lots of other things you can do to keep your gut happy. Cut down on smoking, get plenty of sleep and try to minimise stress. The odd little surprise present of some probiotics won’t go amiss, either!

Go on a date

Take your gut out and about. Regular exercise has a wide range of health benefits for your whole body, and can improve your digestive health as well. For a special trip out, why not book a course of colonic hydrotherapy sessions? These, safe, non-chemical treatments are like a spa session for your gut, washing out any toxins and leaving you feeling bright, alert and on in love with your body again.

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Helen x