If you’re new to the idea of colonic hydrotherapy, a gentle, non-chemical treatment that washes away toxins and cleanses your intestines, then you might be missing out on a range of health benefits. Here’s how colonic hydrotherapy can help:

  1. It’s great for maintenance.

As adults, we eat an average of 750 to 1,100 meals a year. How many of us can honestly say that every single one of those meals consists of healthy, balanced, non-processed ingredients? Even if you’re careful about what you eat the majority of the time, there are probably plenty of times over that 12 month period when you went out for a meal, ate a takeaway or hit the chips or chocolate a bit harder than usual. When we add up how much we eat over a lifetime, it makes sense to have regular sessions of colonic hydrotherapy for maintenance.love your body

  1. It works for one-off clear outs.

Our food should ideally take around 18 to 24 hours to pass through our digestive systems completely. All sorts of factors have an effect on that timescale, including diet, lifestyle and stress levels. Lack of dietary fibre, irritable bowel syndrome and not drinking enough fluids can all make you feel constipated, so that your food takes longer to pass through. If you’re feeling bloated and ill, a session of colonic hydrotherapy is an excellent way of making sure your system is completely clear.

  1. It’s safe

Colonic hydrotherapy isn’t a ‘health fad’ – it’s been practised continuously since the fourth century BC. The Egyptians used reeds and river water, but today we have access to the most modern, hygienic equipment meaning the whole experience is easier and more comfortable than it’s ever been.

  1. It’s comfortable

Modern colonic treatments aren’t scary! Most people find them relaxing, and feel less bloated and more energised afterwards. The whole process is like immersing your insides in a warm bath, and it can feel healing to mind as well as body.

  1. Colonic therapists are professionals

Colonic hydrotherapists are trained, qualified professionals. They carry insurance and use modern equipment, just like any other health professional. To make sure you find the right therapist for you, check they’re registered with the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH), which is the industry organisation.

If you’d like to try the calming, relaxing treatment that’s modern-day colonic hydrotherapy, give me a call on 0161 207 4034 to find out more.

Helen x