It’s easy to just let eating spiral out of control as soon as we hit December 1st but that isn’t the green light for the festive feasting to start. By being aware of what you are eating in the lead up to Christmas, it will mean you have less pounds to shift in the New Year rather than gorging non-stop and doubling your possible weight gain!

Christmas parties

Follow these 8 simple steps to getting ‘Christmas ready’

1.Be organised with your food – plan so you are not just grabbing a processed meal or takeaway

2. Drink plenty of still water

3. Sleep (7-9 hours per day, unbroken) sleep is so important and we all need it

4. Have breakfast every day – start your day with a good breakfast such as porridge, fruit, yogurt, scrambled egg or a “healthy bowl of cereal – not sugar coated”

5. Keep any ‘treat’ foods for the period of time directly after you exercise – after all you have then earned it!

6. Limit your refined carbohydrate and  sugar intake

7. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy-it does not need to be an intense workout, it could be brisk walking outdoors or a swim.

8. Set yourself manageable goals from the start – its Christmas it happens only once a year so enjoy it!


Don’t forget to make time for you! 

With the office parties, running round organising presents and looking after family members its very easy to forget about you. With all the extra alcohol and processed/refined food we consume in December it puts our bodies, mainly our digestive system under greater stress! Its really not the time to forget to look after yourself! Book in for a colonic detox and help your body be in fighting fit form for the month ahead!!!