Summer’s here at long last, and that means lighter evenings, more socialising and time to break out the shorts and dresses. It’s also the time that many of us are thinking about shedding a few pounds to squeeze into a holiday swimsuit, or just to feel a bit healthier. We all know the theory of losing weight – simply decrease your calorie intake, increase your energy output by exercising more, et voila! If you’ve tried and failed to diet before, though, you’ll know that it’s just not that easy. All sorts of things are ready and waiting to trip up the unwary dieter, from fast food after a hard day at the office to a colleague’s birthday cake, and losing weight safely can be a minefield.

Weight loss and weight control in the long term are a matter of changing your eating habits and lifestyle permanently. It generally takes around 12 weeks to re-educate yourself into healthier habits, and once those first three months are over you’ll find your new lifestyle much easier.

summer ready

One useful tool for kickstarting your weight loss programme and to get in shape for summer is colonic hydrotherapy. This treatment is like a gentle, chemical-free bath for your insides and uses warm, purified water to wash out waste matter and toxins. Although colonic hydrotherapy isn’t a weight loss tool in itself, as any weight you lose during treatment will be waste matter rather than fat, afterwards, you’ll normally feel lighter and more energetic, ready to tackle the next stage of your healthy lifestyle programme. Colonic hydrotherapy can also help restore a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, so that you’ll digest your food more efficiently and help reduce bloating for a more streamlined appearance.


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