Happy New Year peeps! Finally the festivities are over, but is your digestive system still bearing the brunt of all that overindulgence? So often in the New Year we start a new healthy eating regime, detox, or give ourselves a rest from all the alcohol with Dry January (that’s not dry white wine and dry gin by the way)!;-)

I frequently get asked for my advice during this time and my advice is sometimes to have a coffee enema. And the common question that I get in return is – “what exactly is it that a coffee enema does?”

Let’s set the scene…

Parties with a few too many jaeger bombs (even if we are all agreed it tastes like cough medicine!).  Battling through the crowds to enjoy a few cheeky beers and Gluhweins at the Christmas Markets.

All that food! Gorgeous things we wouldn’t normally eat. Plus larger portion sizes to soak all the alcohol up. The kid’s selection boxes (come on, admit it…).  Oh and don’t forget the office biscuits and chocolates at your tea breaks!

Phew, that’s a lot of over indulgence!! I can see why you’re in the mood for a bit of a detox!

Here’s why a coffee enema works (“The Technical Stuff”). 

Coffee enemas do not cure cancer.  It is simply a detox aid which is beneficial when you are having a colonic.

So before you ask, I don’t use the usual coffee that you drink! It is a purpose made roasted detox coffee and I use Robusta Health Detox Enema Coffee that has been roasted specifically for detoxing, not drinking.

What’s the difference, I can hear you saying? When you roast coffee for drinking it cracks like popcorn.  The moisture in the coffee bean is heated to a point where it turns to steam and cracks the coffee bean.  When this happens a lot of the desirable chemicals in coffee for detoxing is steamed away.  Roast the drinking coffee still darker, like a French roast, and it will crack a second time, thus losing even more caffeine and palmitic acid (more to come on these).  This is why scientifically, but counter-intuitively, the darker the drinking coffee the less caffeine it contains.

So for detoxing you want a coffee that is lightly roasted and not allowed to crack.  This preserves the caffeine and palmitic acid inherent in the coffee bean.  By the way, you can drink this coffee but it tastes nothing like coffee.


Here’s how a coffee enema works (“The Science”)

The Palmitic Acid supercharges the production of Glutathione S-transferase (GST).  GST is the most potent detoxifying enzyme in the human body.  It literally goes through the body grabbing and mopping up free radicals (toxins).  The chemical base that the body uses to make GST is palmitic acid, which scientifically roasted, organic coffee like Robusta Health contains massive amounts of.

Studies show that the coffee enema boosts production of GST by 700%.

At Complete Health Clinic I encourage my client to hold the enema solution in their body for 9 to 12 minutes.  In 12 minutes the blood in your body passes through the liver and kidneys about twice getting sterilized and purified.  During the 12 minutes of the detox the blood circulates about 4 times getting further sterilized and purified.  So the coffee enema acts as a natural dialysis session as well.

The caffeine stimulates the liver and bile duct to open up and dump toxins into the intestines for elimination hence why my clients feel really light after a treatment.

Again, the caffeine and palmitic acid are not present in drinking coffee in the amounts in purpose roasted detox enema coffee.  When roasting for drinking coffee, a lot of it is destroyed in the roasting process.  Even more is destroyed during the brewing process.  Even more is destroyed in the digestive process.  Also the caffeine that you drink mainly acts on the adrenals, not the body’s natural detox system.

So when you introduce the detox coffee rectally, the hemorrhoid veins are right there.  They absorb the coffee and dump it into the body’s ‘portal system’ which dumps it right into the liver.  Right where the palmitic acid is needed to stimulate production of GST.

And that’s pretty much it. Scientifically there’s more to it, but all my research is kind of summed up in the above.

Oh, one last thing . . . aid a coffee enema with NUTRITION. 

The detoxing process and colonic nature of the enema itself pulls bad toxins out of the body, but can also pull out some good nutrients.  So anyone on a detox program really needs to pay extra attention to nourishing themselves i.e. probiotics, and not feeding themselves ‘full’, but instead giving themselves nutrient dense foods i.e. super greens and alkaline foods. Just thought I should mention that!

So that is often why people choose to have a coffee enema as part of their detox program, especially after a particular time of over indulging! Your liver is an important part of the digestive system and since having handled and seen one, let me tell you that it’s a big piece of anatomy, so worth looking after!

If you are interested in knowing even more about Colonic Hydrotherapy and coffee enemas, you can either call me for a chat or simply book one on line  and I will be happy to assist.

Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester


Best Wishes Helen J