Lockdownitis is in full swing, I am very busy resetting people and getting you back into better habits and dealing with the various issues that you may have been going through over the last year!

You may have noticed that in the UK it’s been Mental Health Awareness Week, the stigma around mental health is declining, which is an amazing step in the right direction, it’s great to see more acceptance; we must keep having those conversations!

Are you aware that it is estimated 1 in 4 adults in the UK will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives? It is something that can affect all of us, you are likely to know a family member, friend or loved one who has struggled at some point.

If you are finding things difficult and overwhelming, if you feel you want to talk, then please tell someone. We are in the same storm however we are all in different boats… some are sinking, some are swimming, some are in cruise lines and some are in a raft or a canoe…!

Asking for help does not make you less worthy or less capable in your job, as a parent, as a partner or anything else for that matter. The hardest part is always the first step and that is admitting your feelings.

You can talk to a friend or family member or even seeking professional support (that also includes me). I have 4 save walls in my clinic and everything is always confidential. Plus, we are now allowed to give hug…which is always a great medicine!

Issues when you are feeling low and under par can manifest as issues with your gut as the brain and the gut are intrinsically and extrinsically linked.

So not only will you be feeling physically lighter after having a colonic but also emotionally lighter too, calm, balanced and most importantly in control.

During the last year, I have branched out into sound healing which is an amazing way to relax and heal. More psychiatrists, therapists and other wellness experts are acknowledging the practice as ultra restorative and cleansing.


How Sound Healing helps your mental health.


A sound bath is a form of meditation in which a person (or a group!) experiences sound waves generated by bells, chimes, gongs or, as I use, alchemy crystal singing bowls.

“Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including our bodies. Sound is vibration that can be translated by the delicate structures of our inner ear, but it moves more than just those tiny receptors. It is part of the spectrum of energy vibrations that affect us on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Long ago shamans recognized the power of sound when they first used chants and drumming to heal people. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed sacred science. Sonic vibration has been one way of experiencing the energy of the universe for much of humanity’s history.” MADISYN TAYLOR

It seems in the western world we lost this ancient wisdom, although gaining now in popularity, sound baths/sound healing can be used to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, physical pain, high blood pressure, chronic stress and sleep deprivation and disorders.

Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) recommends the following tips:

First of all, breathe

Make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale, this will help to switch off your sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ nervous system and switch on the parasympathetic ‘rest/digest’ nervous system. Bring your breath to your belly. Often we breathe from the upper chest when we are stressed. Be aware of when your breathing changes as this can be a sign before you’ve even realised you are stressed.

Use A Relaxation Playlist

Having a playlist ready for those stressful times, or even just to maintain your calm can be a huge help. Lyz writes Consciously Designed Music which is available for free on Spotify or to buy on iTunes for a small fee. She has even put together a playlist for deep relaxation.

Sleep Well

Getting plenty of sleep is good not just for physical health, but mental health too. The recommended amount is at least 8 hours. Some of Lyz’s tracks are written to help you get off to the land of nod quicker and she has put together a sleep playlist.

Attend a Soundbath

Sound therapy sessions induce Altered States of Consciousness which improve health and wellbeing. Research undertaken by Lyz Cooper shows the health benefits of altering consciousness with therapeutic sound


Sound Bath Events

I am delighted that from June the 21st I will be doing Sound Healing events in various venues. Message me for more details!

The first date for your diary is 23rd June Blissland in Congleton.

Sound Bath and Meditation 

This is a very special and unique event. I play an amazing collection of beautiful and powerful quarts, gemstones,  Alchemy Crystal singing bowls, combined with Koshi chimes and 💕 love.

Physical and Emotional Benefits include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Aids sleep
  • Creates a deep sense of well being and even promotes healing, returning the body’s own vibrations to their natural state.

Tickets available through Eventbrite.


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