Spring has finally sprung! What an amazing week of sunshine, the nights are lighter, and it really puts a spring in your step and energises you too 😊

As promised this month’s blog is all about boundaries and protection…. Something I am continually working on! If I had got my “boundaries” (and management of my time) in working order last week, you would have had this earlier….however I have been running a few sound healing sessions so it’s all for the greater good!

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I ran a joint sound bath with breathwork and guided mediation which was amazing! We are delighted to be running another one in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Wednesday 4th May at 7 pm, find out more HERE.

I also run monthly sound baths on Sundays at Yoga on the Edge in Alderley Edge 6.30-7.30 pm, the next one being 10th April details are below and you can BOOK HERE.

I’m also running monthly sound baths Active fitness at Goostry on a Wednesday at 7.30-8.30pm starting on the 20th April, message for more details!

So let’s get back to boundaries…..exactly what are they?

I describe them as how to conduct your own orchestra and build and protect your own personal and emotional space. Our personal boundaries aren’t as obvious as a boundary or a sign that says “no one allowed” however I think of it as a big bubble with me inside it.

Floating bubble

We are living in disconnected times and it may seem that requesting boundaries and also personal protection practices is a prompt that we can use to navigate the distance between people to enable us to create room for the deeper connections with people that we want. Being pulled from pillar to post is not a good feeling and dilutes your time, energy both emotionally, mentally and also physically so it’s really important to set and communicate boundaries as it is essential for our health, well-being, and even our safety.

We can set boundaries for many things but primarily they include:

• personal physical space

• sexuality

• emotions and our thoughts

• Our possessions as in lending to people

• Our time and energy (remember you can not give from an empty cup)!

So setting boundaries for yourself and respecting other people’s boundaries isn’t rocket science but you can conduct your own orchestra of your life.


What are the benefits of this and how does it affect your bowels?

Establishing boundaries can improve our relationships and self-esteem with both ourselves and loved ones, work colleagues and friends. They allow you to make yourself a priority, and of course, that includes self-care.

We do however need to be flexible as both externally and internally we are evolving so we do need to look at where we currently are in life and reassess when needed.

When we are able to look after our emotional energy, we are able to give and feel better so when you need to support someone you have the energy to do so.

Of course, boundaries give us space to grow and be vulnerable and there is nothing wrong with that…we are after all human beings and when things happen, we have to deal with complex feelings. However, we need to make our own boundaries as we are all unique and have experienced different things. These can be shaped by our life experiences, family dynamics, personalities, religion/culture or where we have come from.

Listening to your gut instinct is massive when it comes to boundaries… it is after all your 2nd brain and when you get a feeling… listen to it.
Gut instinct can help you detect if someone is pushing those boundaries.

When you go into fight or flight your body responds and those gut feelings and reactions can be increased heart rate, sweating, tightness in the chest, or tummy and, throat (in some cases the inability to voice out).

Intern this is where I see clients that know their boundaries have been pushed especially as new ways of working are being put into place and also other demands all can play a massive part in bowel issues.

Stress is a massive factor as to why people suffer from digestion problems, whether that’s IBS, constipation, bloating, sluggishness, fatigue, general apathy and reduced energy….this results in bad habits, not drinking enough water, not exercising, bad diets or consuming too much alcohol… all because of stress.

So remember you cannot give from an empty cup… you do deserve to have boundaries… its absolutely okay to say “NO” if you don’t want to do something or go out for a coffee with a friend for whatever reason do not feel guilty. You wouldn’t not charge your phone up when the battery is low, would you?

All in all, if it makes you a happier and healthier person what isn’t there to love!

If you are interested in taking a timeout for yourself then my sound bath session is a perfect way to relax especially if you are feeling stressed, anxious, not sleeping, low mood or are generally unbalanced.

Of course, if your bowels need a reset or a spring clean and now is the perfect time to do it then you know where I am.

In the meantime, get those boundaries set and take care!

Love Helen x