Have you ever thought about a Spring clean of your body?! Spring is the time of year when nature provides all the tools for clean eating. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available to detox cleanse our bodies and change our diets from the meals of the colder months. Now the warmer days and the lighter nights are here, it’s all about jumping into spring with a lighter step…not a heavy thud!

I have been reading a lot about Feng Shui and a dear friend bought me a book called “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo all about decluttering your home.

Reading this led me to think not just about what physical clutter is around us, but also what clutter goes into our bodies.

Spring brings with it warmer weather and more sunshine. Fresh fruits and vegetables on sale encourage us to change our diets. We want simple, lighter meals, rather than the stodgy foods we ate through the winter. Add into that the sunny days and we actually WANT to be outside in the sunshine, breathing that fresh air!

Decluttering our bodies with a Detox Cleanse.

Feng Shui believes that clutter in our homes blocks the positive energy from flowing. That clutter absorbs energy, often leading to an inability to focus, increased stress and sometimes even depression. Space clearing frees up that atmosphere and leads to energy and life flowing smoothly again.

Let’s apply this theory to our bodies. We add in so much clutter by way of too much processed food, alcohol, sugars. This leads to our digestive system being sluggish, bogged down and blocked up. Decluttering by doing a detox cleanse improves our digestive system and allows it to flow, helping us to feel healthy again.

How does a detox cleanse work?

I recently did a 9-day detox cleanse – I use Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit, which is from the US. The last time I did a detox cleanse was about 8 years ago. At the end I felt and looked amazing – clearer skin, brighter eyes and 7lb pounds lighter by the end of it! Bonus.

The first 3 days is about gradually cutting down your food intake so that you and your body don’t get a massive shock to the system later!

After this on days 4-9 you mix the toxin absorber powders with apple juice. This was strange for me as I never touch fruit juice. The apple pectin binds fatty acids and triglycerides and blocks absorption from the gut. The toxin absorber contain Psyllium seed husks. These are fibres that scrub the intestinal walls, moving toxins and materials through the colon. The bentonite clay draws toxins to itself, absorbing more than 40 times its weight in toxins! Finally, the ginger root helps alleviate digestion discomfort and bloating from the psyllium.

You need to drink at least 2-3 litres of water whilst on this program – which I’m lucky I do so it isn’t a chore. I didn’t feel hungry at all as the psyllium fills you up but if you need something some clear soup is good.

I also had a colonic booked in with one of my lovely Colonic Association colleagues, as I wasn’t going to attempt to do one myself again (see my DIY Colonic story!)

After the 9 days I felt amazing and really noticed a positive difference in my digestion. I didn’t resume normal eating straight away, I just gradually introduced foods and haven’t eyed up a revel or jelly baby since! Although, I’ve got to keep up the good work throughout Easter!!!

So, if you feel your body is in need of a Spring Clean and a declutter and you’d like to discuss your options – whether a detox cleanse is the right option for you, or you’d like to find out more about how Colonic Hydrotherapy could help you, please get in touch by contacting me  or book in for a Colonic Hydrotherapy session here.