Do you need a long-term boost?

Have you lost your mojo?

Are you sick of having no energy?

You might be surprised how much could be linked to your diet. You control what you eat, with a little education and commitment you might be surprised how simple changes in your diet can have a big effect on your well-being.

First step when implementing change is to keep a food diary. By noting what we eat, it makes us mindful of everything we are putting in our bodies. By recording how it makes us feel afterwards we start to discover both positive and negative things about how our bodies react to different foods.

Many people many suffer from unknown food allergies. People who struggle with bloating, gas, indigestion, reflux, and other irritable bowel problems may not realize that the root cause may be associated with hidden food allergies.

Food allergens irritate and inflame your intestinal lining, which compromises your health and digestion. Keep a food diary may help you pinpoint foods that don’t agree with you!

How to kick bad habits and start off on the right foot!

Don’t miss out breakfast or go long periods without eating, as this can have detrimental effects on your energy levels and also if you starve yourself when you do eat it might be more likely to be high sugar snacks that will leave you craving for more and feeling slow and sluggish. For breakfast try scrambled eggs, or muesli loaded with fruit, nuts and yogurt – but beware of too much fruit in the mornings as they are high in natural sugar but that may leaving you crashing later on in the day.

Common causes of low energy

While life can be tiring whilst we run around at 100 miles an hour – quick fixes such as a strong coffee or the rush of something sugary can leave us feeling worse and more lethargic in the long run.

What’s best to snack on? Fruit, nuts, seeds, raw vegetables and soup are all low GI (glycemic index- a measure of blood glucose levels)’ high in fibre, slow to be absorbed and deliver consistent energy. Always ask yourself the question “is this really going to nourish me”?

Foods that should generally be avoided are starchy foods like bread, pasta and potatoes at lunch can leave people feeling sleepy or lethargic in the afternoon – which is when you need your pick me up like a red bull or a chocolate bar!

Swap them for alternatives like sweet potato or have salad or soups for lunch with fish or lean meat, it will help you stay fuller for longer and avoid a drop in blood sugar.


*You can get some great apps now to use on your smartphone so its really easy to record what you eat!