Time is short. So, when you want to find some health and wellness reading that inspires you to live a healthier life, you need some quick suggestions. If you’re looking for some healthy blogs or apps to keep you feeling encouraged this summer, here is my list of the best of the best.

Health Websites and emails

If you google for health problems, you are faced with a barrage of information. So much sometimes, that it’s hard to know what to read or sign up to follow. These are my favourites:

If you want top grade medical research – Harvard Medical School Established in 1782, they are at the forefront of medical research, bringing new discoveries to the masses. –Their magazine includes reports, reflections and research updates. You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay bang up to date.

If you want help with what to eat to make you more healthy –Healthy Eating by Verywell Fit– Verywell Fit gives you the ‘information you need to reach your nutrition and fitness goals’. They state that they are “dedicated to empowering users with credible and up-to-date advice on all diet, weight loss, and exercise topics”. Verified by experts, this information is the real deal and they have a newsletter you can sign up to too.

If you want dedicated digestive health info – Digestive Health at Verywell Health – Verywell Health have a dedicated digestive health section to their website. Segmented into different topics so you can quickly find what you’re looking for, it also brings the most current digestive health news to us via their articles. You can sign up to their health email newsletter at the bottom too, to get it in your Inbox regularly.

If you want support through the menopause – Wellsprings Health – Very good for ladies going into the next stage of life, this site is devoted to women going through the menopause. If you’re looking for alternative health treatments, this site is flooded with articles to help ladies discover and learn more about how to help themselves through this sometimes-difficult time.

Apps I have on my phone

You don’t need to read a long blog, or emails to get your health and wellness inspiration. The easiest way to get quick and easy health support is through an app on your phone. Whatever did we do without our smartphones?! I follow a few health-based apps to help me day to day:

For intermittent fasting – FastHabit App – I use this app to track my intermittent fasting – I do a 16:8 routine and this app helps me to track the times through the day and keep me motivated.

To remind you to drink more water – Water Tracker – There are a few apps out there that do this on Android and iPhone, so just do a search and see which one you prefer. Basically, it just flashes up reminders for you to drink water. It’s an absolute godsend even though I do drink loads. Great if you need help to reinforce the habit throughout the day.

To help stop snacking and start exercising – myfitnesspal – Good old fitness pal is a great tracker if monitoring your fitness is what you need. Track your calories and activities to help you reach your fitness goals. It can help you keep on track when improving your diet choices and encouraging you to move more to burn off some of those ones we don’t record. 😉

Smoothie recipe heaven –Juice Master Super Blend Me! – From Jason Vale, this app supports you with recipes for smoothies, soups and juicing. It also combines shopping lists and coaching videos if you’re unsure where to start. Based on his famous diet, all the recipes are the perfect combination of nutrients that you need.

To track your poo! – Stool log lite (on the Apple store here – Well, I wouldn’t be the Colonics Queen if I didn’t have one of these on my phone, would I?!!! Also known as Your Bowel Movement Journal – this app allows you to track and classify your poo each day according to the Bristol Stool Scale – it’s all very scientific! It then calculates data based on what you record…..go on – I know you’re interested in getting this one!

To improve your gut health- Probiotic Diet Protocol – This app is a bit different. It delivers daily tips and tutorial videos all about probiotics and prebiotics. Facts, guides, know-how and tips. All you need to support your gut health.

For IBS or allergy sufferers – AlliApp: Food & Health Diary (free on Apple store) Great for IBS sufferers, this app helps to track allergy symptoms. It has a food and health tracker so that you can track what you’re eating and how you’re reacting. With the approval of the NHS, this app can help if you want to take symptoms to someone to help with them.

Inspirational Bloggers Online

There is a myriad of people online who have blogs that can inspire us to make better choices with our health. But there are a few biggies – Gwyneth Paltrow being one of them. Love her, or hate her, she is committed to health and wellness and her blog is something to admire. So if you’re looking for her blog and others devoted to self-care – this blog gives you the top health and wellness bloggers to follow in 2019.

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So I hope you are having a fabulous summer (don’t mention the weather) and hopefully now that you’ve got some health and wellness reading material that inspires you, you’ll be stocked up with inspiration to start your health journey afresh when we’re back to business in September!