So here we are 2014! Wow so where has the last 12 months gone? Have you over indulged over the festivities?

With a New Year comes resolutions…….so have you decided what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be? A good start is actually doing a review. By that what I mean is take a look at what your diet and health have been like for the past year. Have a good think about the following questions and write down the answers so in a year (and yes it will go quickly) you can have a look back at them and see how far you have come.Health heart, healthy you

  1. How does your weight compare to a year ago? There are definitely a few key time people gain weight – after Christmas is one of them and of course after a holiday too
  2. Do you take vitamins or other nutritional supplements?
  3. Do you feel healthy and have a lot of energy or are you tired a lot of the time?
  4. What type of food do you eat at home? Freshly cooked, ready meals, takeaways?
  5. How physically active are you and do you exercise regularly?
  6. Do you smoke?
  7. How many units of alcohol do you consume each week?
  8. What size portion do you eat or do you tend to overeat with every meal?


It is important that you look at your dietary habits and perhaps more importantly, your health habits so you can set goals for 2014 of where you are now and where you would like to be.