Finding the cause of a health problem is tricky. But as always, there is a simple solution. A stool sample sounds a bit yukky, but actually it’s an easy way to eliminate the guesswork of many problems. Quite often very different conditions show identical or similar symptoms which is pretty baffling and can cause both time and money to be wasted on inappropriate therapies to try and solve them.

So why have your poo tested?!

  1. Stool sample testing has been proven as being very successful in diagnosing digestive and immune health problems.
  2. The stool sample is easy to obtain in the privacy of your own home and toilet!
  3. It’s very cost effective compared to a lot of other forms of testing.
  4. The underlying cause of the health problem can be found which aids healing in difficult cases.
  5. Getting a test result on paper leaves you feeling motivated to do something about curing the problem.
  6. You can do another test further down the line, to follow up on how things are improving.

I want to be able to get to the bottom of all my client problems in the most efficient and effective way. As usual the Colonics Queen never does this by halves and I can’t write or promote something I haven’t done myself…so here we go!

I’ve recently noticed a few health issues such as eczema, bloatedness, heartburn, food intolerances and some IBS issues. None of them were major but I was certainly aware of them in day to day life. So of course, what else would the Colonics Queen do, but test my own poo of course!

So I requested my kit and I decided on having four different tests. These were for full colonization of the gut which includes candida, moulds and yeast, Helicobacter pylori, my pancreas (as I’d been suffering from heartburn recently so though “hey up what’s going on”) and also leaky gut. Obviously I read loads so I knew that this might be a possibility already as I suffer from rosacea, which apparently can be an indication of this.

I know it all sounds very technical, but I wanted a full picture to help me find out what’s going on.

The kit arrives through the post in a brown box with a cotton wool bud swab for my mouth and a little pot for my poo! Marvellous! It’s got instructions for what to do and all seems really easy.

So off I go to do my business, so to speak.The Poo Room at The Lowry Hotel Manchester

And then off I tot to the post office to send my little package on. I did have my fingers crossed as the post office ladies always ask what are in my packages, thinking please don’t ask me today!

2 weeks later the results were back. And OMG. What a surprise!!

Now as you know me, Miss Health Freak – clean eating, lots of water, lots of supplements and therapies galore. Well, my results were a real surprise.

So what were the results?

The report that I received from the lab was very detailed with a lot of explanation around what each result meant and what the positive and negative effects were so that you can put into perspective how its making you feel. They also suggest how you can fix it.

To put it simply I had “disturbed gut flora” – me, the Colonics Queen!!!

Now we all know that the more good bacteria in your digestive system the better, for digestive function and overall immune system health. My results indicated that a few of the important bacterias weren’t looking so great and definitely would be contributing to how I had been feeling. They recommended some specific probiotics to sort this out. They also identified the alkaline levels of the poo, which shows the health of the colon – mine could also do with some extra help, which was surprising too! And last, but by no means least, it confirmed my thoughts that I had Leaky Gut Syndrome (see my blog here about what this is here. )


So the treatment plan to build good flora in the gut and heal the leaky gut was provided on another sheet and recommended for 8 weeks with another test recommended in 12 weeks to monitor changes. Products included digestive enzymes, probiotics 50 billion max strength and other supplements to support healing of the gut.

So far (after 3 weeks) so good. I’m feeling great and no heartburn now either (back on the Pinot and Revels).

It just goes to show we never really know what’s going on inside us. Even if we think we are super healthy with supplements coming out of our ears and eating nutritious amazing foods, there are always other factors to consider that could be contributing to our health problems we are feeling.

If you’re interested in stool sampling, we do it for all kinds of symptoms. Please don’t hesitate to contact me here and discuss it further. There’s changes on the website and it will soon be added as a service to book, but for the meantime, just contact me for more information.

And above all – don’t be embarrassed, if I can put my poo in a pot, you can too!


Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester