When you do your shopping, never shop when you are hungry! How many times do you think I will grab a sandwich or snack or a bar of chocolate at the counter near the till waiting to pay for the bill!


Make a list and stay away from the tempting snack food aisles and the pre-packaged processed food isles as much as possible.

 Make up a shopping list and stick to it!

Draw up a meal planner and batch cooking when you are making a meal, if you freeze meals as you go along then if you are busy its already prepared in the freezer! Which means a night off every so often! You can also use the leftovers to take to work or as a healthy lunch the following day.


Choose fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, leans meats, fish and beans and pulses – avoid foods high in saturated fats, trans-fats, sodium (salt) and sugar


Cooking methods are important too for healthy nutrition:


  • Sauteing is far better than deep frying and frying foods adds fats and calories and doesn’t add any nutrition
  • Steam your vegetables instead of over boiling them as steaming is the best way of preserving more of the vitamins that are found in the vegetables, microwaving them just destroys any nutritional value that there is.