Breathwork is a New Age term for various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person’s mental, emotional or physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect.


Hello, my lovely readers!

This month’s blog is a little later than planned as I have been enjoying a short break in the Sun, and enjoying some precious family time!

Whilst on holiday I took the opportunity to do some reading up on Breathwork. I am doing a course October on it, which I am thoroughly looking forward to and of course, another dimension and skill set that I can offer my amazing clients.


So for anyone whose heard of Breathwork or is a complete novice (like I was a few years ago) breathwork is the use of breath awareness and conscious breathing for healing and growth, personal awakening transformation in spirit, mind and body.



There are many facets to breathwork but the one I found particularly interesting is yawning!


Yawning is a very natural and healthy phenomenon and it’s actually a vital breathing reflex however due to social programming were are thought to believe that yawning is impolite or rude and is often perceived as a message of boredom. It also attracts attention so if you see me yawning when I am doing your treatment it’s not because I am bored! Yawning is actually a perfectly natural way to integrate, process and shift energy. When we yawn we clear and release subtle energetic blocks in our system allowing us to feel more fully and deeply into what is happening and into what is being experienced.

The yawning reflex lights up the same part of our brain that is associated with empathy, bonding, play and creativity. Yawning is also a part of the parasympathetic response…. Our rest and digest mode, obviously very important in what I do.


Yawning is also contagious as it communicates acceptability as it is like giving someone else permission. Subconsciously we may think “oh it’s okay to 🥱 yawn, that’s good as I need it too!”

Yawning is good, yawn on purpose and have a good stretch. Anyone can trigger a yawn, it’s contagious but forget what people think, we need to be ourselves, after all, we are only human and yawning is a powerful neural-enhancing tool and is one of the best-kept secrets of neuroscience!

Enjoy a good yawn and stretch you will feel amazing!

Enjoy your summer whatever you are doing and take care!