A few weeks ago, I was having a bit of a crisis. While I normally love anything gut-related, I was really having a bum day. My lovely second home at the Lowry, where I’ve been for 9 years, is having a facelift. I was all set to be installed in another room at the hotel, when it was decided that moving all my equipment over wasn’t practical. So there I was, facing tying up all my stuff in a bundle, slinging it over my shoulder and hitting the streets!  Setting up in the car park to carry out a full detoxing session wasn’t really going to work, but what on earth could I do in the time? Well, this is a tale about the power of networking, and how helpful and supportive people can be.

You know the saying, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’? In my job, it’s always been about ‘what you know’ – professional training is essential. I’ve now found out, though, just how important ‘who you know’ is as well. For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m chatty, outgoing, sociable and a real ‘people’ person. I’m interested in my clients, and often build lasting relationships. I’ve also attended some formal networking events over the years, mainly with other small business owners, and spoken at many more. When I found myself in need of some help, I turned to my contacts.

With almost 500 LinkedIn connections, over 1,000 phone contacts, 1,500 Twitter followers and hundreds of Facebook likes, I was surprised to find out how wide my network was. I’d made only a dozen phone calls and hadn’t even tapped one per cent of my network before the suggestions from clients, associates and colleagues were flooding in. Soon I’d found my very own Good Samaritan, Phillip Clarke. I’ve known Phillip as a client for many years, and he’s been very supportive. It just goes to show the importance of karma – after all, no-one’s in a better position that me to know that what goes around, comes around!

From 23rd March, I’ll be installed at the Ainscow Hotel, Trinity Way, Salford M3 5EN – very near the Lowry, and just a four-minute walk from Salford Central station. It’s only temporary, and I’ll soon be back at the Lowry after its major and exciting refurbishment, but I hope lots of you will come and see me in my new home. Now I can get back to having the usual kind of ‘bum day’ – the kind I enjoy!

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