Splish splash, splish splash …… here are a few things you might not know about water. It covers around 70% of the earth’s surface, and also makes up around 70% of our own cells. It’s essential for every kind of life form, despite containing no nutrients or calories. Much of the water in our universe was originally created through star formation, as a result of a reaction between dust clouds and gasses – so the water you’re drinking today might have started off in outer space! Water in the form of ice has been detected on Mars and Pluto, giving rise to theories of life on these planets. Although about one billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water, in the Western world we’re lucky enough to be able to turn on a tap for a ready supply.

Despite the fact that water’s so amazing and so easily available, many of us still aren’t drinking the two litres a day we need to keep us healthy. Not drinking enough water can lead to all sorts of issues, such as fatigue and kidney problems as well as irritating but less serious things like dry skin.

31st August to 5th September is 2014’s World Water Week in Stockholm, an event held on behalf of 200 global organisations to discuss the supply and management of water worldwide. Why not make it the week you become ‘water aware’ as well? Buy a two litre bottle of mineral water, drink the contents then refill it with tap water every day so you can monitor how much you’re drinking. Remember that if it’s very hot or you’re taking a lot of exercise, you’ll need even more. Once you’re drinking enough water, you’ll feel healthier all round.

If you’re dehydrated, colonic hydrotherapy is no substitute for drinking lots of water. It will, however, help hydrate your internal organs quickly and safely, just like taking an internal bath. It can also help to counteract some of the health problems brought on by dehydration, such as low energy levels.  If you’re feeling the after-effects of a long, hot summer, it could be just what you need.


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