A new client came to visit me recently at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, never having a colonic before he was a little nervous about what the procedure involved and how it would feel. Anthony has put a great write up of his experience on his blog, I recommend any other colinc virgins to have a read! 


About Anthony– I am a professional bid writer with a creative background in design and production. He has a strong passion for film and politics, enjoying the blend of fact and fiction and finding the drama in both. In my spare time I enjoy running and attempt to keep fit. I love social networking and tweet about most things.”

“Recently I experienced Colonic Hydrotherapy for the first time. Prior to the treatment, I was very nervous, even though I’d heard a lot about the health benefits of the treatment; my initial impressions were worrying – to put it bluntly, I thought the procedure would be really invasive – laying on my side while a hose is forced into me – Fortunately,  I was very wrong and not only was the procedure a pleasant one, I’m a colonic convert and will return for the treatment again.” READ MORE