Sport has been everywhere this summer, with the Olympics, the Paralympics, Tour de France, Tour of Great Britain, Rugby League Grand Final – the list goes on! But did you know that all this sport has a lot in common with having a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment?? No?! Well, let me tell you more…

Firstly, whenever you exercise, you release endorphins which make you feel happier and more motivated to exercise again. That’s why exercise can get a bit addictive once you get in the habit of doing it – it’s the feel good factor rather than the act of actually doing it. Funnily enough, colonics also help release endorphins which will in turn make you more likely to want to exercise, rather than sitting on the sofa watching Cold Feet with a big bag of Revels and a glass of wine…..or is that just me?!

If you suffer from constipation (remember there’s nothing taboo about poo…), exercise can help ease the problem. The physical activity of exercise will help tone the walls of your colon and help food move through the digestive system, meaning that you will have healthier, more regular bowel movements.

Colonic Hydrotherapy also helps to relieve constipation and can even repair the gut wall itself, leading to restored bowel function in the longer term. For exercises to help with constipation, try simple stretches or aerobic exercise such as running, cycling or swimming.

Exercise speeds up digestion by increasing the amount of blood flow to the digestive system. This keeps the digestive tract moving easily. Yoga is a good example of exercise that does this. Twisting yoga poses will bring more blood flow to the bowels and can reduce inflammation. Colon cleansing helps rid irritants and allergy triggers and rebalance the gut flora. This means it will also help reduce inflammation, increase bowel movements and keep the digestive tract working healthily. More time on the toilet is sometimes a good thing!

Exercise is key to helping your digestive system be healthy, but athletes also prioritise a strict healthy diet. Eating healthy foods such as plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats and avoiding heavy fatty foods will fuel your digestive health as well as the rest of your body. Drinking more water will also replenish your digestive system to help it function at its optimum level. Colonics can play a part in this too, by rehydrating the bowel. It also cleanses the colon of toxins, so that it absorbs vitamins and minerals more effectively. Regular colonic hydrotherapy treatments over time can help to improve liver and kidney function too.
So, as you can see, colonic hydrotherapy and the Olympics have lots in common! Exercise is a key part of maintaining good health and the health of your digestive system. So why not start to apply some of these tips to your own lifestyle and earn yourself a gold medal from the Colonics Queen for your digestive health!

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