Gather ’round, folks, for a fabulously fun journey into the fascinating world of our bodily wonders – yes, you guessed it, we’re diving deep into the world of our beloved Poo! 🌟🚽


What’s Inside Your Poop? 💧🥦💩

So, here’s the scoop on our Poop – Over 75% of it is water – so yes, hydration is key, that’s why I’m always banging on about drinking more water! 💧 But wait, there’s more – fibre’s the name of the game, aiming for 25-30g daily to keep our stools happy and trips to the loo smooth as silk.

Now, hold onto your seats – the remaining 25% is a mixed bag of goodies. We’re talking a dash of calcium, iron phosphate, digestive juices’ leftovers, bacteria (not the wiggly kind!), and even some viruses. Yep, we’re like a mini ecosystem down there! 🦠

Fact check: About 100 million bacteria per gram of wet stool get the groove going, while viruses join the viral hotspot – up to a billion of them per gram. But, hey, when we’re under the weather, things can get wild – trillions of viruses crashing our Poo bash! 😷

But it’s not just that – fats, carbs, and undigested goodies are adding to the mix. It’s like a nutrient symphony in there, with even microscopic plastic particles sneaking in from our plastic bottle-loving ways! 🌍🥤

And remember, each of our Pooh creations is a masterpiece of uniqueness – yours and yours alone! 🎨


The Scoop on Your Poop: Poo Facts Reveled 💩

Alright, Poo enthusiasts, let’s carry on with our thrilling journey to the porcelain throne – trust us, it’s a ride worth taking! 💫

Shapes and Shades Galore! Ever heard of the Bristol Stool Form Scale? It’s a masterpiece of categorisation, from sausages to blobs. But remember, types 3 and 4 are the true champions of the toilet canvas! 🎨

Bristol Stool Chart

Stinky or Healthy? Pungent poop might mean unwanted guests, particularly bad smells could be a sign of infection. From beets to meds, colours play a game of peekaboo. And hey, green isn’t envy – it’s just those leafy greens showing off! 🌿

Consistency Is Key – embrace your routine. Generally, anywhere from three bowel movements per day to three a week falls into the normal range, pay attention to what’s normal for you! And yes, gas is a badge of honour, anything from 10 to 18 Times a Day – thanks, friendly gut bacteria! 💨

Constipated or Too Speedy? Diarrhoea gets its spotlight when your stool races through the large intestine at a lightning pace, leaving little time for water absorption. On the flip side, constipation steps in when things slow down, and your stool takes its sweet time to make an exit. Neither one is ideal so don’t ignore your symptoms.

Sink or Swim? Make a splash, but floating might be a sign of high-fat goodbyes. Let’s aim for an elegant sink, shall we? 🏊‍♂️

Transplants and Treasures! Yes, poop transplants are real – talk about a gut makeover! 💩 The trillions of good bacteria in a healthy person’s poop can recolonise another person’s digestive tract and treat infections that haven’t responded well to other treatments.

Toilet Time Etiquette! Let’s not overstay our welcome, folks. Haemorrhoids might be waiting to make an appearance. Oh, and your phone? It might have some… unexpected company! 📱🤢 Why not leave your phone out of the bathroom? British researchers discovered that one in six mobile phones was contaminated with poop (stool), which can spread E. coli bacteria after they collected nearly 400 samples in 12 different cities.

Get the real scoop on your poop with stool testing – When you have a stool sample, you can test for bacteria, viruses and parasites and also check for problems with digestive enzymes if you’re having digestive problems. The tests also show an analysis of the digestive flora, including it’s health, which bacteria are present (good and bad) and markers showing the health of your immune system, as well as many other results. Find Out More.

So, there you have it, brave explorers of the bathroom! Poop – the ultimate storyteller of our health and habits. Remember, know thy Pooh and stay cheeky! 😉💩