Well, how are we all doing as we see the 1st month of the year nearly at a close?

Have you been doing vegan or dry January? I have got to be honest my January has been slightly damp on the alcohol stakes and I am just getting into a new routine with exercise where I am doing more online things and not beating myself up about not getting to a class!

Do you make resolutions where basically they go down the loo by the end of January? We do tend to put undue stress and unrealistic goals for us to achieve this “perfect” life where when you get a curveball it all goes pear-shaped.

Today is Parent Mental Health day and for all you lovely clients that are parents you will most definitely understand as much as you love your cherubs unconditionally you can not give from an empty cup….. you need to ensure that you look after yourself so you can be the best Mum or Dad possible… this also includes me so I have been looking at ways (however small) you can recharge your batteries.

Stress can be a massive player in the disruption of your bowels… so when I see my lovely clients I always ask if stress plays a part. What can be stressful for one person isn’t necessarily stress for another I do say your bowels are like a balance sheet….they are a snapshot of a moment in time

Stress can affect digestion and also the nutrients the intestines absorb. If you aren’t absorbing the right nutrients (and in some cases that is because you are eating the right things) gas production related to nutrient absorption may increase

The other issue is that the emptying of your stomach is delayed which can lead to a tummy ache, indigestion and heartburn. If the stomach slows down stress causes increased “motor function” in your bowels so you may experience an urgency to go to the loo and or diarrhoea.

This can become a vicious cycle and then once you experience more issues with your digestive system it can make you even more stressed and so the cycle continues!

I must point out that stress doesn’t cause underlying diseases like inflammatory bowel disease however it can definitely intensify the symptoms however a history of trauma and stress and definitely contribute to conditions such as IBS and as some of you may know can feel awful.

I won’t bombard you with a 100 things to do to help and I would never recommend anything I haven’t or can’t do myself so here are 4 things that I hope can help you and have a positive impact on your digestive system.. this can help with rest and digestion.

  1. Check-in with yourself…. What I mean by this is when you are feeling upset or maybe low stop and have a think as to what your thoughts are doing… are they helping or are they harming. We can get into patterns of catastrophising things or overthink things and making scenarios in our heads that are not actually there and this can contribute to stress. For example, if you suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease you can’t control that however what you can control is the thought around your condition. If you can identify stress-provoking thoughts that it can help manage those symptoms related to your gut.


  1. Making time for you and for relaxing activities. Is this is very personal to each of us? I love doing 🧘‍♀️ yoga or sound healing (both receiving and also giving) some people like a good film, or reading a good book or a good hike up a mountain which is more active. Sometimes a bath and some scented candles or a massage are just what is needed. Of course, we all need different things at different times. Whatever works for you and how it can work in your day to day life as it helps create a buffer from stress and of course can prevent as well as help in times of stress.


  1. Love yourself…. Valentines is coming up and it’s not just about loving others it starts with yourself. We are actually more critical of ourselves than we would ever be of our family and friends. So remember just be kind to yourself…


  1. Know that we can’t do everything by ourselves as we all need support and you can’t do everything on your own. Knowing when you can reach out to friends and family can be a great way of coping. In some cases, you may wish to reach out to an external source to see if they can help. Sometimes alone is great but then there are other times where we do need help and of course a hug 🤗 can work wonders!


I hope you find these are helpful but the main thing is the recognition that you matter and looking after yourself is vital for both your emotional and physical health as they are all related and work intrinsically with each other.

So whether it’s a colonic, massage or sound bath then you know where I am!

On the subject of self-love, Valentine’s day is around the corner, Complete Health Clinic can supply gift vouchers for the ultimate gift of love, a little me time!


Keep well and take care Helen x


Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester