Are you aware of digestive warning signs that point towards your gut not working as efficiently as it should be?

Going back to my previous analogy this year about looking after your body as if it were a vehicle, what would you do if your car wasn’t working? You would probably take it to the garage for a service, or look up the symptoms in your Haynes Manual for how to fix it yourself.

Often we quite clearly notice the warning signs that our digestive system isn’t running as healthily as it should be, but we ignore them. Sometimes this leads to the problem getting worse. And sometimes we get the point where we need to get help because it is threatening breakdown.

Troubleshooting your Digestive Symptoms

Are your tyres deflated (or in some cases you’ve got a problem with your spare tyre being a little overinflated…), your petrol is a bit lumpy (is that a thing?!), or your vehicle just isn’t running as smoothly as it could be, with a tell-tale oil leak on the drive in the morning.

Sometimes problems you have with your vehicle only take five minutes for the mechanic to spot the problem. Before long, it’s fixed and as good as new.

That’s the same as our bodies. Sometimes it just takes a closer look to diagnose what the problem is to get you back on track.

So, take a look below at my digestive health diagnosis table below to see if there are some little niggles we can iron out for you.

Click on the image to download!

What digestive problems can I fix?

Most of these problems are easy DIY home fixes. But occasionally you’ve been ignoring the warning lights for too long and you need some extra help from a mechanic.

In these cases, it makes sense to see a professional who will be able to look into your history and make a judgement on the best way to help you going forward.

Like the AA, I am known as the 4th Emergency Service – the number one in number twos. I love diagnosing problems and putting plans in place to get you back on the road.

So, if you feel like you could do with a service, you can always contact me for a chat about your symptoms to see if I can help you or to arrange an appointment with me.  Either way, my door is always open.

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