January detox articles are all around us. At this time of year, it’s an ideal time to boost our bodies towards Spring. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly feel the effects of all the festivities!

But detox routines shouldn’t be about changing your life, instead, think of them as a kick start towards changing your bad habits.

Here at Colonics Queen, we love to keep you accountable, especially putting you back on track after life has thrown you some curve balls!

So, we’ve created our own 7 Day Detox Plan, along with an Ultimate Detox Package to help you reset this New Year. Bookmark this page because this plan can be done at any time of the year when you need a refresh.

Even though it’s a 7-day plan, I always say be realistic and don’t set yourself to fail! If you can manage three days, that’s brilliant, five days – amazing, the full seven days – absolutely fantastic! Anything is better than nothing.


What is a detox?

A detox is about “cleansing the blood”. Our bodies naturally detox every day. It’s a process that allows us to get rid of toxins in our blood and regenerate fresh blood cells, just like changing the oil and filters in your car. Remember, we are just like a vehicle. We need to support our internal bodies (the engine) to enable it to REMOVE – RESTORE – REJUVENATE.

Detoxing happens when the blood travels to the liver, which processes the blood, removing the impurities (toxins) for elimination from the body.

The term toxin includes pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and processed foods which all negatively affect your health.

If you have smooth digestion then the absorption of nutrients and also the way that your liver efficiently processes toxins are absolutely critical for great health.

A detox program essentially refuels the body with nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory whole foods that help your engine by removing some of the toxins that we intake daily, allowing it to process our blood more efficiently. By the end of the detox, you feel fresher, more energised and might have even lost a spare tyre.


How does a detox work?

Your liver detoxifies in two phases:

Phase 1: Your liver breaks down toxins into smaller components to help aid them to be eliminated from your body.

Phase 2: These smaller toxins are then metabolised into even smaller substances and removed by various elimination processes i.e. urine or a colonic.

But to do this effectively, it does need to be supported with adequate nutrients including:

  • Essential fatty acids and amino acids found in things like extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed coconut oil and flaxseed oil, plus nuts and seeds;
  • Glutathione found in avocados, melon, leafy greens and walnuts;
  • Vitamin B, flavonoids and antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables.


What are the essential components of a detox?

FIBRE: During your detox (and also normally on a day to day basis), increase your fibre intake as that helps to keep your colon clean. The fibre acts like a sweeping brush.

Along with the fibre from fruits and veggies add in more seeds and raw nuts…you never see a constipated bird! Golden linseeds are a great way of getting things moving: add two tablespoons in a glass of water and drink it down.

WATER: Don’t forget to drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day to help flush your body through – at least three eight-ounce glasses or four pints per day.

PROTEIN: A vital nutrient that you need to ensure you include in your detox is protein. It’s one of the major problems that people forget about when detoxifying. We need protein to balance hormones, assist with weight loss, support our digestion and maintain a healthy immune system.

Your body needs adequate amino acids and protein helps create lean, toned muscles and glowing skin. If we don’t get enough protein then it will source it from muscle tissue, which can then lead to loss of muscle mass.

STRESS: One of the biggest things that can hinder detoxing is stress! It triggers the adrenals to release cortisol that can affect fat storage – right around your middle. Over time it can lead to that spare tyre. So, look at all areas of stress in your life and think about what you can put in place to lessen it while you are detoxing and continuously after that.


How can you prepare for a detox?

  • When embarking on a detox cleanse it’s a good idea about five days (or more) before starting it that you progressively eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, meat and gluten (found mainly in wheat products). Because of poor quality food choices – refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, not enough fresh fruit and vegetables and food sensitivities to gluten, wheat and lactose, they can all hinder your body’s ability to detox on its own. So, cutting them out gives it a little helping hand. Try to do this gradually so that your body doesn’t go into shock – especially if you have been overdoing it!

Sugar can be a really hard one to reduce, as it is hidden in many foods, so take a look at this blog first about how and why to reduce your sugar intake.


  • Before your detox week get organised. Planning and preparation are key:
  • Make a list of foods that you need;
  • Have those good foods in your cupboards ready;
  • If you need to source things from a third party, get cracking to find them – there’s enough out there;
  • Remember your mindset is about nourishing your body, not depriving it;
  • Focus on the right foods to eat that will help boost your body’s natural detoxification system.


  • Review your exercise routine. Now that doesn’t mean you need to train for a triathlon, just some movement is good! A brisk walk, a bike ride, yoga, swimming or even cleaning the house to get your heart rate up! Although I know what I prefer 😉. Try to add in one type of movement per day.


If you’d like the full 7-Day Daily Detox Plan, you can click to download it here. 


Get some help with the Colonics Queen Ultimate Detox Package.

If you’d like some help and accountability with your detox, try my Ultimate Detox Package.

Included in the Ultimate Detox Package are:

  • 2 x coffee enemas,
  • 1 x Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Supplements to support your system through the detox – ‘New Year Survival Kit’ from Just for Tummies (including live bacteria, milk thistle, omega 3 supplements and Tummy Tea).
  • My help and support!

Price £250 (RRP £280) – Click to book here!

[T&Cs: All treatments are to be scheduled and taken within six weeks and paid in full when booking. Treatments are non-transferable.]


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