Wimbledon is starting Monday 27th June 2002and if you are an avid sports fanatic this might be a sport you are interested in….

How do athletes maintain their energy levels and keep on top of their game?

Well you are what you absorb… what I mean by this is if you look at a tree … it needs to have strong roots to support it, from those roots it draws the nutrients to enable the tree to grow branches and leaves… we are no different and you don’t need to be an athlete either!

We are NOT what we eat…but we are what we absorb. It’s vital that we absorb the nutrients from our food so our body can assimilate them into the cells and tissues, our muscles, nerves and all the organs in our body and of course this shows in our skin. We need the nutrients to be able to function at optimum level…. after all, you wouldn’t drive to Scotland from Manchester with very little fuel in the tank…bald tyres and a dirty filter with no oil or water for the engine now would you?

So, to keep you at the top of your game when I look at a lot of my client’s digestive problems it is traced back to poor nutrient absorption and then we start to get all kinds of issues from bad skin, to low energy, low mood, acid reflux and bloating along with constipation or IBS…to name a few of the symptoms I deal with.

You may be asking yourself how are the nutrients in your body absorbed?

  • As soon as you start to think about eating food we produce saliva in our mouths and by chewing a good 20 times…(not hoovering or inhaling your food) it stimulates the enzymes in our mouths
  • Our stomach has gastric juices and it churns and mixes in our stomach
  • Most of the absorption is in our small intestines
  • Nutrients enter in to the bloodstream
  • Proteins carry the nutrients into your cells

Keeping good bacteria levels in the gut microbiome is vital along with prebiotics from your food (or an insulin supplement). If you have enough of the gut bacteria then it helps to break our foods down and therefore they get absorbed properly.

We need good fats… as they assist in storing up vitamins A, D, E and K.

Use those teeth and chew, chew, chew and chew some more!

A good balanced, varied diet is full of nutrients….the rainbow diet. Colour is attractive to the eyes and fruits and veggies are packed full of essential vitamins to function.


Taking your time to eat…. that means attempting not to eat at your desk or rushing around as you walk and time afterwards to just rest. Planning and preparing meals so you aren’t starving and eating anything that comes your way because you need food…. also helps too.

These tips and hints can make a huge difference to your energy levels, you can really be on top of your game.

For most of us, changing our diet won’t change us into world-class athletes, worse luck. If you’re feeling sluggish, lacking in energy or having IBS-type symptoms like bloating, pain or diarrhoea, though, it’s well worth finding out if you’re suffering from food intolerance.

Food intolerances produce much milder symptoms than food allergies, which can be fatal. They’re much more common, though, and could be caused by a combination of foods. This means it can be difficult to find out what the culprit is. The most common causes of food intolerance are dairy products and gluten, which is found in baked goods like bread, cakes and biscuits.  Even if you’re not intolerant, most of us could do with reducing the amount of gluten and dairy products we eat for a healthier diet, as a nation we tend to overdo it on the cakes!

I do offer food intolerance testing at the Complete Health Clinic, so if you’d like to take control of your diet and feel lighter, brighter and more energetic, get in touch now. We can’t guarantee that you’ll win Wimbledon afterwards, but we can help set you on the path to feeling better in your own skin.

To find out more, give me a call on 0161 207 4034 or visit our Facebook page, The Complete Health Clinic. I’d love to hear from you.


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