Hello There!

Well, I am currently on the countdown, as I can get back to work when the Lowry Hotel opens on 1st August yipppeeee!!

As much as I have loved the time I have had working on my business, learning new skills not to mention launching a new 21 day Rest Your Gut Programme as well as Sound Healing (more coming out on that in next month’s blog) I will be ready to get back to my Clinic at the Lowry and of course all my lovely clients!

Be rest assured I have been very busy preparing, planning, and getting organised as to my new way of working. Some of which has not changed for me to be honest as I am a fanatical cleaner anyway!

I have put together a step by step guide of how Complete Health Clinic will be run and of course, giving you any reassurance, you may need.  Likewise for the Lowry Spa, as my working premises, they have equally high standards and cleaning protocols in place.

Technology is being updated all the time so it’s great that I have a system that is not only user friendly but I can send forms over electronically to minimise touch and you can now even download the booking system you use to book with me on your phone.

Most of all though I am really looking forward to seeing you all and clearing the backlog!

So take care and continue to keep safe!

Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester