Do you feel like you need a digestive reset now we’re hitting Autumn? After the excess of the summer – boozy barbeques and garden parties, plus the all-inclusive holiday to top it all off – now is the time to refresh your system and boost your immunity before the winter comes. But have you considered juicing recipes to reset your digestive system?

As we are all busy, busy, whizzing around here, there and everywhere, we sometimes fall foul to the garage-lunch-grab.

So what is simple and quick to make?  A nutritious raw juice or smoothie that will boost your digestive system, liver and immune system to boot!

What are the benefits of juicing?

Juicing can be a handy supplement to your daily diet. Think about how many vegetables you eat with your meals daily – experts recommend 10 portions. Do you eat that many? With juicing, you can easily add them to your daily intake of juice.

A raw juice is very diffeJuicing Recipes to reset your digestive systemrent from a glass of orange juice from a carton. Raw, cold-pressed fruit and vegetables can give you a whole host of vitamins, antioxidants, and prebiotics while being low in sugar (if you choose low sugar fruit).

Raw veggie juice goes to work on your digestive system and helps scrub your cells squeaky clean from toxins that have built up in there like soap does for us externally. It helps to loosen all the waste that has accumulated in there too, which is another added bonus

Which vegetables should I choose?

To enable juicing to reset our digestive system, they need to nourish our gut bacteria. We should add in seasonal foods, as those foods are plentiful, which means they have higher levels of nutrients.

If you can use these fruit and veg in your autumn juices, then you are already off to an amazing start, although choosing ones that you like will help you drink them! And don’t forget to choose organic, so that your body doesn’t have to deal with processing the pesticides too.

A good ratio would be 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. It might taste a bit different, but think of the benefits!

Are smoothies good for our digestive system too?

Smoothies, if prepared and taken in the correct portion size, can be a nutritious meal in a glass. The benefits of fruit and vegetables are still there, but there are a few things to watch.

Beware of the fruit you put in them. Pack them full and you’ll be taking on sugar and calories that you don’t need. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are healthy sugar either, as once blended, their benefits change.

When you blend fruit, it releases the sugar from the cell walls of the fruit that become “free sugars”. These sugars are the same as any other added sugar that you are trying to cut down. Would you drink a massive cup of a fizzy sugary drink in the morning? Probably not.

Still, even as a sugary drink, a smoothie is a better choice than a Mars bar, so just try and choose the ingredients sensibly.

How much juice should I drink?

You only need a small glass (approx. 150ml) instead of a giant blender tub! Three to five small glasses of raw juice a day equals approximately 1000 calories, so be mindful how many you add into your diet.

For a juice detox to reset your digestive system, you should only drink juices and water for 2-3 days to give your liver and digestive system time to detox. Aim to drink a glass of juice every 2-3 hours to be consistent and not let your blood sugar levels fall too much.

Before coming for a colonic, I recommend doing a juice reset for 2-3 days too – all the instructions and the recipe are here. This helps loosen the waste build up in your bowel and allow the colonic to work more effectively.

Alternatively, replace just one meal (most people choose breakfast) for a while to aid weight loss and give your digestive system a rest.

Free juicing recipes for your Autumn reset.

There are so many recipes out there on juicing that it’s hard to know where to start. So I have created a free download (or click on the image) with my favourite four recipes – two juice recipes and two smoothie recipes to reset your digestive system.

I hope that you give them a go. Let me know how you get on! I’d love to hear if you feel it’s given you a healthy boost. If you’d like to take your reset one step further, feel free to book in for a Colonic to helpfully reset your digestive system and recover from all the Pina Coladas….or is that just me?!

Happy juicing!


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