Well, here we are again, another month passes us by as we approach the end of 2020. I’m sure you will agree it has been a strange year, I do feel like I have been living in a movie, to be honest, but I won’t look at it as a negative as there has been a huge amount of positives to come out of it. 

Now is the time to reflect and reinforce all the things that I am grateful for.

I consider myself truly blessed and incredibly lucky to have the business I have with all you lovely, amazing clients that grace my day and fill my love bucket up! Mwaahhh! I know, mushy, however, I am a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, life is precious so its good to share it!

A massive highlight of the year must be my new treatment sound healing, I love it! Going forward I will be running a sound bath monthly at Blisslands in Congleton. The next date for your diary is the 6th December 12-4 pm, it’s a collaborative 4-hour workshop with my friends Sharon and Tony instructing breathwork, followed by a 2-hour sound healing session with Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Koshi Chimes, Tibetan Bowls and Shamanic Drumming all for £45, exciting! Text or message me if you are interested.

The other achievement is focusing on me! Yep, that’s right I have been able to reset and refocus on my exercise with the help of Verra (follow on Instagram) from Inspirit Retreat at the Lowry Hotel and also diet, for me it’s about ensuring I am eating enough of the right things. Here are some before and after photos…not bad since 51 is looming!

Helen before and after pictures

My reset started with the 21-day purify program, it focuses on getting rid of all the toxins in your body and putting all the good stuff back in. For more information have a look The 21-Day Purify Programme at but in a nutshell, it’s like weeding your garden then putting all the great stuff back in to rest your microbiome…the engine of your vehicle!

Read more testimonials about this wonderful programme HERE.

Plus let’s face it when you get out of your comfort zone and look back at your before and after pictures it makes you realise how much you have achieved. I dropped not only a dress size but a stone in weight or 6kg for the ones who understand metric, plus a few inches too!

Fingers crossed I am back in my beloved treatment room at the Lowry Hotel on Thursday 3rd December and will be working right up to Tuesday 22nd December. Over the Christmas period, December 29th will be an emergency clinic day if you need me!

Saturday 2nd January 2021 will be my new year start day…for a new you. So, if you wish to book an appointment you can do so online www.completehealthclinic.co.uk/book-online/

My clinic doors may be closed until the 3rd of December, but I am always at the end of a phone for you to contact me by email if you need anything.

Until then take care and stay safe!

Look after yourself, there is only one you! Complete Health Clinic #colonicsqueen #Manchester